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By year: 2015-2016

At the Interface of Chemistry and Mechanics: Multiscale Modeling of Crack Dynamics in a New Class of Self-Healing Materials
Name: Ahmed Elbanna
College: Engineering
Department: Civil and Environmental Engineering

Computational Design of Hepititis C Virus Vaccine Immunogens
Name: Andrew Ferguson
College: Engineering
Department: Materials Science and Engineering

Development of an HPC Platform for Plasma-Material Interactions and Nanostructuring
Name: Davide Curreli
College: Engineering
Department: Nuclear Plasma and Radiological Engineering

From Algorithmic Awareness to Algorithmic Action
Name: Kevin Hamilton
College: Fine and Applied Arts
Department: Art & Design

From Algorithmic Awareness to Algorithmic Action
Name: Karrie Karahalios
College: Engineering
Department: Computer Science

Interdisciplinary Work in a Highly Technical Context: Uncovering Successful Strategies and Potential Costs of Collaboration
Name: William Barley
College: Liberal Arts and Sciences
Department: Communications

Patchwork Molecular Dynamics: A New Paradigm for Hardware-Accelerated Large-Scale All-Atom Simulations of Biological Systems
Name: Aleksei Aksimentiev
College: Engineering
Department: Physics

Plants in silico: A multi-scale modeling platform
Name: Amy Marshall-Colon
College: Liberal Arts and Sciences
Department: Plant Biology

Predictive Modeling for Impact Assessment
Name: Jana Diesner
College: Graduate School of Library and Information Sciences

QMCDB: A Living Database to Accelerate Worldwide Development & Usage of Quantum Monte Carlo Methods
Name: Elif Ertekin
College: Engineering
Department: Mechanical Science and Engineering

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