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Simulations of Quantum Electronic Spin Transport through Large Magnetic Molecules
Name: Kyungwha Park
Department: Virginia Tech

Sketch Planning for Urban Development
Name: Lewis Hopkins
Department: Urban and Regional Planning

Spanish Civil War Print Culture
Name: Jordana Mendelson
Department: Art & Design

Subsampling Methods in Modeling of Big Data in Geosciences
Name: Ping Ma
Department: Statistics

Supercomputing Optimization of a Regional Climate Model for US Midwest Applications
Name: Xin-Zhong Liang
Department: Illinois State Water Survey

The Dark Energy Survey + The South Pole Telescope: Combining Data Sets and Building Collaborations
Name: Joaquin Vieira
Department: Astronomy

The Development of a cyber infrastructure environment for ensemble prediction of hurricanes
Name: Mohan Ramamurthy
Department: Atmospheric Sciences

The Development of Innovative Models for the Delivery of Cultural Heritage Information
Name: Beth Sandore
Department: Library

The Development of Point-to-Zone Pattern Learning (P2Z) for Groundwater Recharge
Name: Yu-Feng Lin
Department: Center for Groundwater Science

The Development of Tools and Procedures for Assessing the Capabilities of Non-Linear Simulation Models for Structural Design and Analysis
Name: Daniel Kuchma
Department: Civil and Environmental Engineering

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