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The Study of Perception and Action Using Virutal Reality Environments
Name: Les Carlton
Department: Kinesiology

The Terra Data Fusion Project
Name: Larry Di Girolamo
Department: Atmospheric Sciences

Tools for Ab Initio Molecular Dynamics and Simulation Analysis
Name: Todd Martinez
Department: Chemistry

Toward a Robust and Large-Scale Music Information Retrieval System: A Multidisciplinary Approach to Development and Evaluation
Name: Stephen Downie
Department: Graduate School of Library and Information Sciences

Toward an 'In Silico Plant' Research Platform
Name: Xinguang Zhu
Department: Plant Biology

Towards a Photosynthesis Workbench - "e-Photosynthesis"
Name: Stephen Long
Department: Crop Sciences

Towards a Photosynthesis Workbench - "e-Photosynthesis"
Name: John Whitmarsh
Department: Biochemistry

Tracking Student Behavior and Knowledge Translation Utilizing Cultural Heritage Resources
Name: Brenda Trofanenko
Department: Curriculum & Instruction

Transdisciplinary Convergence in Situated Research Environments: Mapping NCSA across the University of Illinois Campus
Name: Anita Chan
Department: Media and Cinema Studies

Transient FEM Modeling of Strain-Induced Self-Rolled-Up Nanotube Formation Process
Name: Xiuling Li
Department: Electrical and Computer Engineering

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