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Tracking Student Behavior and Knowledge Translation Utilizing Cultural Heritage Resources
Name: Brenda Trofanenko
Department: Curriculum & Instruction

Transdisciplinary Convergence in Situated Research Environments: Mapping NCSA across the University of Illinois Campus
Name: Anita Chan
Department: Media and Cinema Studies

Transient FEM Modeling of Strain-Induced Self-Rolled-Up Nanotube Formation Process
Name: Xiuling Li
Department: Electrical and Computer Engineering

Understanding Breast Cancer Disparities in African-American Women
Name: Zeynep Madak-Erdogan
Department: Food Sciences and Human Nutrition

Using Accelerator Hardware to Improve Subresolution Modeling in Astrophysical Simulations
Name: Paul Ricker
Department: Astronomy

Using Wearable Sensors and Affective Diaries to Document How Violence Affects Public Life and Public Health
Name: Ruby Mendenhall
Department: Sociology; African American Studies

Virtual Rendering of Multiphase Flows
Name: Eric Loth
Department: Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering

Visual Analytics of Bovine Nutrigenomics Datasets
Name: Juan Loor
Department: Animal Sciences

Visualization and Diagnostics of Nonlinear Statistical Models
Name: Barbara Bailey
Department: Statistics

Visualization of Vignette and Statistical Models: An Integrated Approach
Name: Carolyn Anderson
Department: Curriculum and Instruction: Math, Science & Technology; Educational Psychology

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