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Enhanced Climate Simulations and Earth System Modeling using High-End Computing Systems
Name: Atul Jain
Department: Atmospheric Sciences

Enhancing First-Year Chemistry Education via the Implementation of Computational Chemistry
Name: Paul Kelter
Department: Chemistry

Enhancing GPU-based Supercomputing through Workload and Communication Optimization
Name: Steven S. Lumetta
Department: Electrical and Computer Engineering

Evaluation of Critical Spatial Elements for Animal Disease Surveillance in Illinois
Name: Marilyn Ruiz
Department: Pathobiology

Exploring and Integrating the Deep Web: Building a Database of Databases
Name: Kevin Chen-Chuan Chang
Department: Computer Science

Exploring the Frontier of Multivariate Geovisualization: Virtual Reality and Parallelization in GeoDa
Name: Luc Anselin
Department: Geography

Facilitating the Study of Prescriptive Language Behavior through Automatic Database Building and Data Extraction
Name: Douglas Kibbee
Department: French

Faucets: On-Demand Resource Allocation on Computational Grids
Name: Laxmikant Kale
Department: Computer Science

Fractal Patterns in Fracture and Damage Phenomena
Name: Martin Ostoja-Starzewski
Department: Mechanical Science and Engineering

From Algorithmic Awareness to Algorithmic Action
Name: Kevin Hamilton
Department: Art & Design

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