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Name: Shaowen Wang
Department: Geography and Geographic Information Science

GPU Acceleration of a Spacetime Solver for Hyperbolic Systems
Name: Robert B. Haber
Department: Mechanical Science and Engineering

Grid-Computing Algorithms for Large-Scale Stochastic Games
Name: Uday V. Shanbhag
Department: Mechanical & Industrial Engineering

GridChem Electronic-Structure Information Workflow and Database
Name: Duane Johnson
Department: Materials Science and Engineering

High Performance Computing for Dynamic BioMedical Imaging
Name: Yoram Bresler
Department: ECE/Bioengineering/CSL

High-performance Enterprise Computing, Business Analytics, and Decision Support Systems: Toward Petascale Business Informatics
Name: Michael Shaw
Department: Business Administration

High-Performance Visualization and Immersive Environments
Name: Loukas Kalisperis
Department: Penn State University and The Cyprus Institute

High-Throughput Computing for the Analysis of Fractured Aquifers
Name: Douglas D. Walker
Department: Ground-Water Section - Modeling

IACAT: Collaboratively Exploring the Dark Universe
Name: Robert Brunner
Department: Astronomy

Identify and Quantify Factors That Influence the Formation of Scientific Collaborations
Name: Vetle Torvik
Department: University of Illinois at Chicago

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