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By year: 2017-2018

A Data Assimilation Framework for Forecasting Volcanic Unrest
Name: Patricia Gregg
Department: Geology

Computational Infrastructure for Collaborative Design of Semiconductor Nanocrystals
Name: Andre Schleife
Department: Materials Science and Engineering

Deep Learning to the Rescue: Enabling the Search and Characterization of New Classes of Gravitational Wave Sources with Novel Applications of Machine Learning
Name: Zhizhen Zhao
Department: Electrical and Computational Engineering

Materials Modeling Optimization
Name: Dallas Trinkle
Department: Materials Science and Engineering

Modeling the Massive HathiTrust Corpus: Creating Concept-Based Representations of 15 Million Volumes
Name: J. Stephen Downie

Transdisciplinary Convergence in Situated Research Environments: Mapping NCSA across the University of Illinois Campus
Name: Anita Chan
Department: Media and Cinema Studies

Understanding Breast Cancer Disparities in African-American Women
Name: Zeynep Madak-Erdogan
Department: Food Sciences and Human Nutrition

Using Wearable Sensors and Affective Diaries to Document How Violence Affects Public Life and Public Health
Name: Ruby Mendenhall
Department: Sociology; African American Studies