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@art: an Arts and Humanities Portal
Name: Nan Goggin
Department: Art

@art: an Arts and Humanities Portal
Name: Joseph Squier
Department: Art

A Computational Infrastructure for Continuum Analysis of Carbon Nanotubes
Name: Yonggang Huang
Department: Mechanical & Industrial Engineering

A Computational Infrastructure for Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS)
Name: N. R. Aluru
Department: General Engineering

A Data Assimilation Framework for Forecasting Volcanic Unrest
Name: Patricia Gregg
Department: Geology

A Multiscale Computational Framework for Studying Bacterial Communities
Name: Ting Lu
Department: Bioengineering

A Platform for Characterization and Prediction of Novel Nano-optic Phenomena
Name: Prashant Jain
Department: Chemistry

A Scientific Approach to Redistricting Analysis
Name: Wendy Cho
College: Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences

A Workshop to Jumpstart High-Performance Computing in Finance
Name: Mao Ye
Department: Finance

Accelerometery in Wheelchair Propulsion
Name: Jacob Sosnoff
Department: Kinesiology and Community Health

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