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PAGFEM: Parallel Adaptive Generalized Finite Element Methods for Large Scale Fractures
Name: Carlos Armando Duarte
Department: Civil and Environmental Engineering

Parallel Algorithms for Cosmological Statistics at NCSA
Name: Benjamin D. Wandelt
Department: Physics and Astronomy

Parallel, Modified Nodal Integral Method and Innovative Application Accelerators (such as FPGAs, GPUs) for Turbulence Modeling using LES and DNS
Name: Rizwan Uddin
Department: Nuclear, Plasma and Radiological Engineering

Patchwork Molecular Dynamics: A New Paradigm for Hardware-Accelerated Large-Scale All-Atom Simulations of Biological Systems
Name: Aleksei Aksimentiev
Department: Physics

Petascale Distributed Computing for Terascale Physics
Name: Mark Neubauer
Department: Physics

Plants in silico: A multi-scale modeling platform
Name: Amy Marshall-Colon
Department: Plant Biology

PPM Gas Dynamics Applications
Name: Paul Woodward
Department: University of Minnesota

Prediction of Climate Change Impacts on Flood Risk in the Greater Chicago Region
Name: Momcilo Markus
Department: Natural Resources and Enviro Sciences

Predictive Data Mining of Complex Nutrigenomic Datasets
Name: Kelly Swanson
Department: Animal Sciences

Predictive Modeling for Impact Assessment
Name: Jana Diesner

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