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By college: Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences

A Scientific Approach to Redistricting Analysis
Name: Wendy Cho
Award year: 2006-2007

Automating Phylogenomic Analysis of Protein Sequence Motifs
Name: H. Rex Gaskins
Award year: 2003-2004
Department: Animal Sciences

Construction of Genetic/Proteomic Networks
Name: David Rivier
Award year: 2003-2004
Department: Cell and Structural Biology

Data Mining for Determinants of Infectious Disease Susceptibility
Name: Lawrence Schook
Award year: 2002-2003
Department: Animal Sciences

Deciphering Intergenic DNA - The Next Challenge in Genome Biology
Name: Matthew Hudson
Award year: 2005-2006
Department: Crop Sciences

Development and Deployment of a Sequencing and Bioinformatics Pipeline for Rapid Detection of Structural Variations in Crop Genomes
Name: Matthew Hudson
Award year: 2014-2015
Department: Bioinformatics and Genomics

Development of Efficient Computational Methods to Solve Nonlinear Mixed Effects Models
Name: Sandra Rodriguez-Zas
Award year: 2000-2001
Department: Animal Sciences

Development of Machine Learning-Based Analytics and Visualization Approaches for Predictive Toxicology
Name: Zeynep Madak-Erdogan
Award year: 2018-2019
Department: Food Science and Human Nutrition

NASA Hyperspectral Imaging System for SSCM & High-Density Data Analysis Technology with Supercomputer
Name: Lei Tian
Award year: 2000-2001
Department: Agricultural Engineering

Optimal Strain Design for the Production of Ethanol from Renewable Biomass through Computing Elementary Flux Modes Using a Genome-Scale Stoichiometric Model
Name: Yong-Su Jin
Award year: 2009-2010
Department: Food Science and Human Nutrition

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