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By research theme: Computing and Data Sciences

A Workshop to Jumpstart High-Performance Computing in Finance
Name: Mao Ye
Department: Finance

Coupling meteorology, plant biology, and economic engineering models within a CyberGIS framework
Name: David LeBauer

Development of Runtime Page Placement and Migration Algorithms for Merging Heterogeneous Main Memory System for Big-Data Analytic Applications
Name: Nam Sung Kim
Department: Electrical and Computer Engineering

From Algorithmic Awareness to Algorithmic Action
Name: Kevin Hamilton
Department: Art & Design

From Algorithmic Awareness to Algorithmic Action
Name: Karrie Karahalios
Department: Computer Science

Improving the Efficiency of Taxi Systems through Real-time Seek Time Prediction
Name: Daniel Work
Department: Civil and Environmental Engineering

Learning Huge-Scale Diffusion Networks in Real-Time
Name: Niao He
Department: Industrial and Enterprise Systems Engineering

Patchwork Molecular Dynamics: A New Paradigm for Hardware-Accelerated Large-Scale All-Atom Simulations of Biological Systems
Name: Aleksei Aksimentiev
Department: Physics

Plants in silico: A multi-scale modeling platform
Name: Amy Marshall-Colon
Department: Plant Biology

Predictive Modeling for Impact Assessment
Name: Jana Diesner

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