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mWORLDS: Cyberenvironments and Virtual Worlds
Name: Guy Garnett
Award year: 2007-2008
Department: School of Music

Prototyping a Virtual SmartCity
Name: Brian Orland
Award year: 1999-2000
Department: Landscape Architecture

Sketch Planning for Urban Development
Name: Lewis Hopkins
Award year: 1999-2000
Department: Urban and Regional Planning

Spanish Civil War Print Culture
Name: Jordana Mendelson
Award year: 2006-2007
Department: Art & Design

The Examination of Data Derived from Perceptual Psychology Studies in a Virtual Reality Environment (CAVE) for Application to Architectural Design
Name: Joy Malnar
Award year: 2000-2001
Department: Architecture

Visualizing Topic Models about African American Women's Everyday Experiences and Standpoints
Name: Ruby Mendenhall
Award year: 2013-2014
Department: Sociology, African American Studies, and Urban and Regional Planning

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