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By college: Illinois State Water Survey

Data Fusion, Data Mining, Pattern Recognition and Regional Classification of the Water Quality Data in the Mid-Western United States
Name: Momcilo Markus
Award year: 2005-2006
Department: Center for Watershed Science

High-Throughput Computing for the Analysis of Fractured Aquifers
Name: Douglas D. Walker
Award year: 2003-2004
Department: Ground-Water Section - Modeling

Supercomputing Optimization of a Regional Climate Model for US Midwest Applications
Name: Xin-Zhong Liang
Award year: 2000-2001
Department: Illinois State Water Survey

The Development of Point-to-Zone Pattern Learning (P2Z) for Groundwater Recharge
Name: Yu-Feng Lin
Award year: 2006-2007
Department: Center for Groundwater Science