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A Data Assimilation Framework for Forecasting Volcanic Unrest
Name: Patricia Gregg
Award year: 2017-2018
Department: Geology

A Platform for Characterization and Prediction of Novel Nano-optic Phenomena
Name: Prashant Jain
Award year: 2012-2013
Department: Chemistry

Advancing the Visualization of Atmospheric Climate Datasets and Modeling Results
Name: Donald Wuebbles
Award year: 2003-2004
Department: Atmospheric Sciences

An Implementation of Topic Modeling that Addresses Humanists' Interest in Historical Change
Name: Ted Underwood
Award year: 2012-2013
Department: English

An Ontology-Driven Model for the Efficient Use of Provenance Information
Name: Frederico Fonseca
Award year: 2006-2007

An Open Environment for Automation of Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Membrane-Active Host Defense Peptides
Name: Taras Pogorelov
Award year: 2014-2015
Department: School of Chemical Sciences

Building a Non-Consumptive Global News Observatory for Data Science Research
Name: Scott Althaus
Award year: 2014-2015
Department: Political Science and Communications

COLUMBUS Parallel Spin-Orbit Configuration Interaction-Education and Research
Name: Walter C. Ermler
Award year: 2008-2009
Department: University of Texas at San Antonio

Computationally predicted protein structure resolutions
Name: Yaohang Li
Award year: 2007-2008
Department: North Carolina A&T State University

Constant-Mean-Curvature Surfaces: Computation and Visualization
Name: John Sullivan
Award year: 2000-2001
Department: Mathematics

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