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Exploring the Frontier of Multivariate Geovisualization: Virtual Reality and Parallelization in GeoDa
Name: Luc Anselin
Award year: 2004-2005
Department: Geography

Facilitating the Study of Prescriptive Language Behavior through Automatic Database Building and Data Extraction
Name: Douglas Kibbee
Award year: 2004-2005
Department: French

General Relativistic Magnetohydrodynamics
Name: Charles F. Gammie
Award year: 2001-2002
Department: Astronomy

Name: Shaowen Wang
Award year: 2007-2008
Department: Geography and Geographic Information Science

IACAT: Collaboratively Exploring the Dark Universe
Name: Robert Brunner
Award year: 2012-2013
Department: Astronomy

Identify and Quantify Factors That Influence the Formation of Scientific Collaborations
Name: Vetle Torvik
Award year: 2007-2008
Department: University of Illinois at Chicago

Imaging the Earth's Converging Tectonic Plates
Name: Wang-Ping Chen
Award year: 1999-2000
Department: Geology

Indian Cinema in Context: Interactive Film History Archive and Tools
Name: Rini Mehta
Award year: 2018-2019
Department: Comparative and World Literature

Name: Wayne Pitard
Award year: 2007-2008
Department: Religious Studies

Interdisciplinary Work in a Highly Technical Context: Uncovering Successful Strategies and Potential Costs of Collaboration
Name: William Barley
Award year: 2015-2016
Department: Communications

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