Graduate Hourly

NCSA Genomics Group

NCSA Genomics is looking for an enthusiastic graduate student to architect and develop software for big data genomics analyses on mapreduce platforms. In this position the student will directly engage with NCSA Industry partners from the pharmaceutical, agricultural and medical sectors to invent new software solutions and improve performance of existing methodologies. The team will provide the necessary training and support in basic biology and fundamentals of genomics.

Key scientific areas will include genome wide association studies to relate genomic mutations to disease phenotypes and integration of complex multidimensional datasets to address challenging societal problems, such as Alzheimer's disease and racial health disparities.

Key responsibilities will include development of new algorithms, workflows and software in Java and Scala on Spark; deploying, testing, performance and scalability analysis of mapreduce applications on large clusters and the cloud; enhancing software performance by improving algorithms, data structures, worker/executor configuration and implementation of code.

Required education and experience

  • BS degree in CS, ECE, or related field.
  • Fluid use of Bash, Linux command line.
  • Strong knowledge of Python, Java/Scala, C/C++.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills, professional demeanor.

Preferred experience

  • Familiarity with mapreduce platforms, such as Hadoop and Spark.
  • Familiarity with HPC environments and the cloud.
  • Interest in bioinformatics, genomics, biology.

Interested students should submit a cover letter (including your major and planned graduation date) and resume (including relevant skills, software proficiencies, etc.). Submit materials via email to Dr. Mainzer at

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