Review process

NCSA Fellowship proposals are reviewed by a panel of experts drawn from campus and NCSA with particular attention to:

  • the scientific merit of the planned activity, potential to advance the frontiers of knowledge, relevance for the Illinois campus and to NCSA’s strategic plan;
  • potential to help advance future funding opportunities in collaboration with NCSA and other campus units, to help further develop national leadership in associated areas;
  • evidence for, or potential for, meaningful collaboration between Illinois faculty and NCSA staff, to leverage NCSA scientific, technical, and management expertise, and/or leverage NCSA facilities and other major ongoing activities at NCSA;
  • potential to contribute in building a vibrant intellectual environment, and to contribute toward the establishment of long term, interdisciplinary research and educational activities within NCSA;
  • potential for enhancing economic development activities of NCSA with campus, with NCSA Industry programs, possibly in partnerships with companies, or potential to create companies (not necessary but will be considered if relevant);
  • the qualifications of the PI and associated team and feasibility of plan to carry out the activity with the available resources;
  • plans for continued collaboration and pursuit of external funding opportunities.

Awards are made, as funding allows, based on the panel's recommendations, the match to the strategic goals of the NCSA, and the leverage of existing NCSA resources.