Innovative Systems Laboratory

NCSA’s Innovative Systems Laboratory (ISL) serves as the center’s research and development arm and is tasked with addressing mid- and long-term needs in core computing technology areas.

ISL’s focus is on new systems or impact on existing systems using emerging processing, storage and interconnect technologies and novel computing environments. ISL provides support for evaluating and developing new technologies of interest to NCSA programs and projects and NCSA academic and industrial partners.


ISL runs cutting-edge computing environments for experimentation and evaluation by Illinois researchers:

These systems are highly experimental in nature and represent the state of the art in hardware and software.

Persistent storage can also be arranged on NCSA’s storage condo for tens to hundreds of terabytes.

ISL works with technology vendors to bring novel computing architectures for early access and evaluation.


ISL actively seeks new partnerships with Illinois faculty and external collaborators in technology and applications areas related to high-performance and data-intensive computing. ISL offers expertise in computing technology evaluation, deployment, and operation, as well as application tuning and development on novel architectures. Of a particular interest are areas such as cloud computing, data-intensive computing, and novel computer architectures.


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