Network Engineering

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The NCSA Network Engineering team (“NetEng”) designs, builds, and supports network infrastructure to advance science by meeting the needs of NCSA’s high-performance systems, its national user community, staff, and partners. We emphasize reliability and performance while acting as an early adopter of new technologies.

Key Operational Areas

HPC Systems

High-performance and data-intensive computing systems require network infrastructure to match their extreme computing and storage requirements. To ensure these systems can be fully utilized, NetEng works with systems and storage architects to design and implement their high-speed interconnects, provide network performance testing and tuning expertise, monitor networks utilization, and provide all levels of network troubleshooting assistance.


The center-wide data network, referred to as NCSAnet, is a combination of data center and office networking infrastructure that interconnects NCSA staff, internal servers, and HPC systems to each other to the research community via high-speed Internet and Research links. To further support centerwide networking, NetEng provides core network services, such as DNS and DHCP, as well as utilization reporting, for all systems connected to the network.

WAN Connectivity

Researchers using NCSA computing and data resources need to transfer very large data sets between NCSA and other research centers across the country and the world. Facilitating these data transfers is the rich variety of high-speed WAN links that connect NCSA to national research networks, commodity Internet services, and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign campus network. NCSA Network Engineering collaborates with the University of Illinois (CITES) Network Engineering on the University’s Inter-Campus Communications Network (ICCN), a statewide optical network that links University of Illinois campuses together with the fiber-rich GigaPOP facilities in downtown Chicago.

Team Members

Kapil Agrawal
Eric Boyer
Corey Eichelberger
Matt Kollross
David Wheeler