Research results

This page will contain presentations, publications, and reports created by the Deep Learning MRI.

Publicly released software


  • S. H. Hashemi, S. Abdu Jyothi, R. H. Campbell, "TicTac: Improving Distributed Deep Learning With Communication Scheduling," SysML Conference 2019.
  • S. H. Hashemi, S. Abdu Jyothi, R. H. Campbell, "On Importance of Execution Ordering in Graph-Based Distributed Machine Learning Systems," SysML Conference 2018.

Presentations and posters

  • S. H. Hashemi, S. Abdu Jyothi, and R. H. Campbell, "Network Efficiency through Model-Awareness in Distributed Machine Learning Systems," NSDI '18, Seattle, WA.
  • S. H. Hashemi and R. H. Campbell, "Making a Case for Timed RPCs in Iterative Systems," OSDI '18, San Diego, CA.
  • S. H. Hashemi, B. Rabe, V. Kindratenko, "Building a Scalable Deep Learning Platform," University Power Systems HPC/AI User Meeting, December 15, 2018, SC18 – Dallas, TX. (PDF)