Mosaic versions

In the beginning there was NCSA Mosaic....

Version 0.1a

Development began in June 1993 - Internal testing Only

  • Native support for accessing documents and data using World Wide Web, gopher, Anonymous FTP, and NNTP (Usenet News) protocols. Support for archie, finger, whois, and Veronica (as well as others) through gateways.
  • Full HTML display
  • Support for inlined GIF images in HTML hypertext documents
  • Internal sound support for Sun/NeXT/DEC .AU audio files
  • Support for GIF, JPEG, MPEG, QuickTime for Windows, Microsoft Video for Windows, Postcript and other documents via forking to appropriate viewers (user configurable)
  • Full hypertext support, including using inlined images as anchors
  • Optional toolbar with shortcut buttons
  • Optional status bar to display hyperlink destinations
  • Local History
  • Fully customizable font selection
  • Savable preferences, including window size and position
  • Minimal Hotlist
  • Scrolling for large documents
  • Status of loading/decoding shown in status bar

Version 0.2a

  • Fixed some memory leaks
  • Now works with Winsock 1.1 compliant DLLs
  • Local file support
  • User configurable hotlist
  • Ability to add current document to hotlist

Version 0.3a

  • Fixed bug which would cause a GPF upon exiting
  • Fixed a number of memory holes which would lead to GPF's and quickly running out of available resources. (although some probably still remain).
  • Binary Transfer Mode.
  • Support for Inlined X-Bitmaps
  • Configuration option to automatically load a home page.
  • User configurable menus
  • Internal support for AIFF audio files
  • Fixed bug which would cause a crash if an inlined image was missing
  • Fixed strange bug which resulted 'y with quotation mark' characters
  • Added ability to perform remote search (still has a bug...see below)

Version 0.4a

  • Null chunk bug has been fixed! You should no longer see Mosaic dropping parts of a document.
  • Problems with anchors on left edge of the window have been fixed.
  • GPF when choosing "Add Current to Hotlist" with no document loaded has been fixed.
  • Anchors in preformatted text now work correctly.
  • The new line break tag (<BR>) has been implemented.
  • Description lists display correctly.
  • Lists can now be nested to arbitrary depth.
  • The bold (<B>) and italics (<I>) tags now work.
  • We now try to load an image several times before we give up on it. This is actually a little annoying on documents that have missing images (such as some of the Vatican Exhibit docs), but I'm working on fixing that.
  • Mosaic for Windows calls WSACleanup to clean up the sockets library. This may temporarily cause a problem for people using our library - Windows will give the message "Application Error - Call to Undefined Dynalink" when you try to exit. Don't worry about it. We'll get around to fixing it.
  • Lastly, the fix to the bug that was wiping out chunks of a document seems to have improved the GPF'ing. However, it still crashes every once in a while, and it still seems to be a much more frequent occurence in the non-debugging version of the program. *sigh*.

Version 0.5a

Released Sept. 16, 1993

  • Image cacheing within document - no more multiple loads of images when they are used multiple times in a document.
  • MUCH faster scrolling, due to smarter drawing function. This introduced an as-yet-unfixed redrawing bug while scrolling in a document that has inlined images.
  • This seems to alleviated the problem with documents being visually mangled when loaded while not scrolled to the top.
  • Bug with removing spaces in Gopher, News, and FTP is fixed.
  • Internal anchors - i.e., hyperlinks to anchors within a document - work now, complete with scrolling to the correct location.
  • File Typing (i.e. HTML vs plaintext) is done more intelligently.
  • Home Page button and Menu option work now, loading whatever document is set up as "URL0" in WMOSAIC.INI.
  • Open Local capability - use standard file dialog to open files on local disk.
  • Drag and Drop local file capability
  • Drag and Drop file to annotation window
  • Image retry is smarter - knows when it failed to connect vs when server returned an error.
  • Find/Find Next (searching within a document)
  • The white strip that was showing up in the Fast and Error bitmaps when they were hyperlinks is gone.
  • Spaces are now stripped out at the beginning of list indices and paragraphs.

Version 0.6b

First beta release - September 28, 1993

  • Try out the brand-new "Mail to Developers" option under the Help menu!! This lets you send email to the developers straight from your PC. Be sure to set up your email address in WMOSAIC.INI.
  • The ISMAP image attribute is supported!! For a demo of this, take a look at the Expo.
  • History Window is now fixed - "Back" and "Forward" work correctly.
  • "Display Inlined Images" option is now complete - shut this off to not transfer inlined images (lots faster for people running over a slow net connection). Press the left mouse button to traverse a hyperlink, press the right mouse button to load an unloaded inline image.
  • The new horizontal rule tag (<HR>) has been implemented.
  • Local directory browsing works now. Try this.
  • The messed-up MPEG and JPEG extensions are fixed, and configureable.
  • Options for changing anchor color and underlining anchors.
  • Completely configureable MIME-style extension typing and presentation (See installation documentation for details.)
  • Drive specifiers have been added to local file URLs.
  • "DELETE : command not found" error after loading GIF, etc., is gone.
  • Personal Annotations are much more robust now.
  • Scrolling via keys is now supported.
  • ISO characters should work now, if specified by the correct HTML, like so: "Sein -- das ist der Paß für die Ewigkeit." (aus Die Grössere Hoffnung von Ilse Aichinger.)

Version 0.7b

Released October 17,1993

  • A MAJOR memory drain is plugged... you can now use Mosaic for a LOOOOOONG time without running out of memory (hopefully!).
  • DOCUMENT caching is now supported! You can cache by number of documents (stable) or amount of memory (NOT stable).
  • The Search feature works again!
  • Windows Mosaic is now HTTP/1.0 compliant.
  • If HTTP accesses didn't work for you, but Gopher and FTP did, it should now. (This was the case running under Windows NT.)
  • Mail To Developers window now resizes correctly.
  • The SMTP/Mail host is now configureable.
  • The history is fixed - no more Assertion Failed messages from Back&Forward buttons.
  • WinMosaic no longer attempts to MIME-type files transferred in binary mode.
  • URLs which contain IP numbers no longer cause GPFs.
  • Documents without titles no longer have the last document's title in the title bar.
  • The background color can be set to white instead of grey.
  • The underlining/anchor bug seen on the Mosaic demo page is fixed.
  • The problem with menu items on Menu 8 being mapped to Menu 2 is fixed.
  • Temporary file names are chosen more intelligently (attempts to use the source file's name.)

Version 1.0

Released Nov 11, 1993

  • The scrolling bug is fixed. You shouldn't see the screen mess up due to images or large text in the document anymore.
  • Network I/O is now (somewhat) interruptable. Click on the big Mosaic icon in the upper-right corner to kill a net transfer.
  • Also, quitting Mosaic forces a kill of any net transfers in progress. This means the "Can't run two instances of the same program" error message shouldn't appear anymore (although this feature is still a bit buggy.)
  • Images can now be alligned middle, top, or bottom, instead of just top. Considering that the default is bottom, and we only did top before, I was pretty surprised that no-one mentioned this anomaly throughout all our beta testing.
  • News articles are now readable (i.e., not all on one line.)
  • URL redirection (a feature of HTTP 1.0) is now supported.
  • Home Page loading is fixed.
  • If you were having problems with the first document you tried never loading, but subsequent ones working fine, that's fixed.
  • Title and URL boxes are redrawn at the correct time now.
  • Back & Forward Assertion Failed errors are gone.
  • Telnet executable (used for telnet:// URLs) is now configureable - see "telnet=" under the Viewers section of the INI file.
  • FTP error messages are now returned to the user.
  • FTP logins now use your email address when logging in (this fixes a connect problem the CERN LibWWW was creating.
  • You can log in to a NON-anonymous FTP via the following method: set the URL to be FILE://username@machine/pathname. For example, to log in as user "jdoe" to FTP site "", in the "/usr/jdoe" directory, give the URL: "file://" Mosaic will pop up a dialog box, asking to confirm the username and give your password. Your password is maintained within Mosaic until you quit. Do NOT use this feature if you are security-paranoid.
  • Gopher and FTP now use pretty icons for files/directories/etc, and FTP shows the file sizes.
  • New set of Configured Menus, with all kinds of pointers.
  • Horizontal rules are prettier now.

Version 2.0alpha1

Released Jan 31, 1994

  • HTML+ Forms are now supported! This is not quite finished, but definitely well into the useful stage.
    - Nasty problem with local file support fixed.
  • There is now an environment variable for the location of the MOSAIC.INI file. To use this, put a line like the following in your AUTOEXEC.BAT:
                    SET MOSAIC.INI=C:\MISC\MY_MOS.INI
  • XBMs are now written as 1 bit bitmaps. This means Mosaic now works in 24-bit and 16-bit video modes.
  • Better error reporting (explanatory text instead of numbers.)
  • Cursor now behaves itself - hourglass cursor only appears during transfers when cursor is in window, and doesn't flash.
  • Horizontal rules no longer disappear.
  • URL/Title text overwriting boxes now fixed.
  • FTP is now much more stable.
  • Anchors in "pre" formatted text bug fixed.
  • Mosaic now supports a command-line parameter for URLs and local files (it discriminates between a pathname like C:\TMP\TEST.HTML and a URL like file:///C|/TMP/TEST.HTML.)
  • Inlined images are now cached across documents - if an image is in a previous document, it won't be reloaded from the net.
  • Blank lines in "pre" formatted text now appear correctly.
  • Occasional blank white (! Not grey!) chunks fixed.
  • Changing font forces a redraw.
  • GDI Resource leaks plugged.
  • disappearing text blocks bug fixed.

Version 2.0alpha2

Released Feb 28, 1994

  • Redirect bug fixed
  • Spiffy new hotlist/menu user interface
  • Proxy gateway support
  • DNS cacheing
  • faster GIF decoding
  • URLs missing trailing slash (e.g. "") now have correct relative urls.
  • Several FORMs bugs fixed
  • Added linebreak after end of form
  • Fixed linebreak after checkboxes & radio buttons
  • Added support for input type isindex (no autosubmit, though)
  • Text areas now submit correctly
  • Forced extra painting to fix drawing problems
  • Elements are now sent in the same order as Mosaic for X
  • Added input type "hidden"
  • Fixed forms associated memory leaks.
  • External telnet no longer returns "-9999" error
  • leading/trailing spaces in entered URLs are now ignored
  • GPFing on multiple reloads fixed
  • Background is erased before redrawing when right-clicking on an unloaded image
  • Window position saves correctly again
  • Fixed drawing of search window
  • Minor memory leak fixed in NCSA Icon
  • Minor memory leak in SGML parser fixed
  • Memory leak fixed in Document
  • A few more GDI leaks plugged
  • Doubled available user menus (to 20 menus, 40 items each)

Version 2.0alpha3

Released April 6, 1994

  • Mosaic is now a 32-bit application.
  • You can run multiple instances of the program.
  • printing (still has problems with bold, long documents, and images)
  • Viewing and Saving of document source ( File, Document Source...)
  • Access authentication
  • GPF on forms reloading fixed
  • Case insensitive find implemented (option in the find box)
  • GPF with Find Dialog fixed
  • Vertical scrollbars no longer disappear in large files
  • horizontal scrollbars now appear for documents wider than the screen (Still have problems with the history window)
  • Improved internal audio support - allows playing of .au files on 8-bit cards. To use the internal audio support, remove the .au extension from the audio/basic definition in the [Suffixes] section of your mosaic.ini file.
  • Bug with deeply nested tags fixed
  • "-i inifile" command-line option for INI file location.
    ie. mosaic -i c:/directory/mosaic.ini.
  • < OPTION> tags won't crash Mosaic anymore
  • fixed bug with downloading files via FTP
  • FTP slightly improved - now able to connect to, e.g.
  • < em > and < strong > tags now supported
  • < dir > and < menu > tags are now more properly supported
  • Grey out back & forward when no current doc
  • Screen repaint from another window on top is occasionally wrong
  • Screen repaints get "lost" if busy fixed for 3.1 but still a problem with NT
  • When search window disappears, focus switches to main window.
  • "Add Current to Hotlist" when current hl is QUICKLIST now works (unlimited size)
  • "Add Current to Hotlist" works for URL's without titles (gohper servers)
  • Open URL Dialog now fits on a 640 x 480 screen
  • entity (&) termination
  • Focus switches to Search window when it appears
  • better filename mungeing (Unix files will now be properly converted to reflect the last extension. ie. will become here.txt)

Version 2.0alpha4

Released April 14, 1994
Bugs Fixed:

  • News:URLs.
  • underline anchor.
  • resizing w/o a file.
  • Scrolling ISINDEX docs.
  • Updating problems of the NCSA icon.
  • The problem with view source on cached docs.
  • The lost slash bug (the Temp files under Win31.)

Version 2.0alpha5

Released June 24, 1994
Bugs Fixed

  • There were two large memory leaks which occurred whenever an inline image was decoded and displayed. These leaks were approx. 1,000 bytes each.
  • The document view window was being drawn incorrectly whenever the user was at the bottom of a document, and Mosaic was re-sized.
  • XBM images are now properly read and do not result in an ERROR graphic.
  • XBM images used to require a LARGE amount of time to decode. The code was re-written and now .xbm's decode approximately 100 times faster.
  • The Printing bugs; large files, images, bold text, .txt files.
  • Some minor problems with dialog boxes were fixed.
  • The CRASH caused by incorrect HTML, < dt > and < dd > tags without the < dl > tag, was corrected. Mosaic is a little more forgiving, but not much. ;^)
  • The navigate back should now take you back to the last document viewed. Previously, Mosaic did not update the history when users accessed documents that were cached.


  • It is now possible to enter a URL directly to the Document URL line. Select the Document URL line, enter the URL and press return to open the desired URL.
  • The Vertical Scroll Bar is currently a permanent fixture on the document view window. This eliminates an extra screen redraw which would occur whenever the user went from a short document (less than one screenful) to a long document or vice versa. Ideally we'd like the vertical scroll bar to be dynamic without the extra redraws, but this will improve things for now.
  • The buttons on the button bar are now in color.
  • The "FIND" button was redrawn with a more intuitive picture. It used to look like a thermometer and may have lead people to believe it was for the hotlist.

Version 2.0alpha 6

Released July 27, 1994
Bug Fixes

  • This latest release has focused on speed and memory issues. Our next release, alpha 7, will address many of the bugs which you have reported to us. The following bugs have been fixed in alpha 6:
  • The loading of local URLs should no longer produce DNS Lookup failures.
  • The loading of local images and sound files no longer deletes the file.
  • The loading of images now shows the transfer progress.

Added Features

  • A face lift
  • Speed
  • Kiosk Mosaic
  • Additional Help

Version 2.0 alpha 7

Released Sep 7, 1994
Bug Fixes

  • Local files are no longer deleted.
  • Local files are no longer duplicated.
  • file:// = ftp:// (Alpha 6 locked file:// for local files and ftp:// for remote files. However, due to the large number of existing files that were written using the old definition of file://, we had to revert back to file:// = ftp://. Thus, file:///c| MUST be used to access local files.)
  • Image alignment problem. Inline images align horizontally.
  • The -i option was fixed. (-i allows the user to use the mosaic.ini that is explicitly defined. ie. mosaic.exe -i c:\ncsa\mosaic.ini)

Added Features

  • The save, save as function. Save and Save as will save the current document to your local disk.
  • Animated Icon Change. We've changed the size of the icon to be relative to the amount of space that is available in the window. ie. If you use both the tool bar and the Show Current URL functions, you will have a full-size animated icon. If you choose not to use either of these functions, the icon will be reduced in size to fit in the available space.
  • Tool tips were added. Tool tips offers the user information about the current tool the mouse cursor is pointing at in the Tool bar.
  • The find icon on the Tool bar has changed from the list icon to a binocular icon.
  • We've removed the "URL" title from the "Show Current URL"

Version 2.0 Alpha 8

Released Dec 20, 1994
Features and Enhancements

  • Tables
  • Common Client Interface
  • Options, Preferences menu
  • Stand Alone Mode
  • Additional Tags:
    Underline - <U> </U>
    Strikeout - <STRIKE> </STRIKE> OR <S> </S>
    Simple Superscript - <SUP> </SUP> OR <SUPER> </SUPER>
    Simple Subscript - <SUB> </SUB>
  • Mosaic supports inline Transparent Gifs.
  • The NCSA Mosaic logo has a new look.
  • Mosaic will use the Temp directory as defined in your autoexec.bat file.
  • The way Mosaic displays data has improved significantly.
  • Mosaic is more forgiving about bad html. It shouldn't crash if it encounters bad html.
  • Forms: input controls of TYPE=Image are supported

Bug Fixes

  • Anchor underline
  • All known printing bugs
  • Color palette problems
  • Forms:
    White space is handled properly
    Mosaic will remember the fields on a form after you submit it.
    SUBMIT and RESET function properly
    CHECKBOX and RADIO controls function properly.
    PLAINTEXT uses the preformatted style for display.
    TEXTAREA controls function properly

Version 2.0 Alpha 9

Released Jan 25, 1995
Features and Enhancements

  • Presentation Mode (ALT-P)
  • "Cancel" and "Check" buttons in the URL Bar
  • Right Mouse Button Menu Options
  • New HTML Tags:
  • HTML 2.0 Entities
  • mailto
  • A new CCI function call
  • Additional Options, Preferences:
  • Apply Now
  • Viewer Configuration
  • General, Delayed Image Loading
  • Services, Display FTP Messages
  • Improved Image Palette Management

Bug Fixes

  • Mosaic is more lenient about the syntax of the menu item definitions in the "mosaic.ini" file. Bad syntax caused crashes on startup in Version 2Alpha8. :(
  • Mosaic will no longer crash if you try to print a document with inline images when the "Display Inline Image" option is turned off.
  • Mosaic won't choke on the Comment Tag, "<!-- Your comment -->
  • Title Tags, <TITLE> </TITLE> will recognize entities
  • Mosaic won't choke on CRs and LF between the quotes in the Image Tags, <IMG SRC="..."> and Anchor Tags, <A HREF=" ... ">.

Version 2.0.0 Beta 1

Released March 13, 1995
Features and Enhancements

  • Options, Preferences... All Mosaic configurable options are available from the following menus:
    General, Viewers, Services, Proxy, Tables, Anchors, Font Styles, Caching
  • Hotlist Manager
  • Inline JPEG Image Support
  • "New" Right Mouse Button Menu Options
  • News Reader Improvements
  • Status Bar Improvements
  • Tool Bar Improvements
  • New Accelerator Keys
  • Command line mailto:
  • Copy and Paste from the Document view window
  • Scrolling and resizing the Mosaic window
  • Interupt for Windows NT
  • Enter Stand Alone Mode (-s)
  • Left and Right arrow keys
  • Mosaic's Splash Screen
  • +/- keys magnify all fonts on screen proportionally
  • Improved unknown file type handling
  • ALT information from IMG tags will be displayed.
  • Forms Enhancements
    Tab from one form field to another
    Selecting Enter on the last form field will submit the form
  • Comment cards

Bug Fixes

  • Resource and Memory Leaks
  • various Interrupt bugs
  • Menu Editor bugs (It got Nuked), it was replaced by a full featured, drag and drop Hotlist Manager
  • Find now functional
  • file transfer invoked when clicking on ftp:// links
  • Ampersands in URLs not parsed as entities
  • And Many More... To many to remember or list....... We're starting with a clean slate. ;^)

Version 2.0.0 Beta 2

Released March 23, 1995
Features and Enhancements

  • Options, Preferences, Audio Menu
  • Options, Preferences, Services Menu Additions
  • Telnet configuration section
  • Append a sig file to a Newsgroup post or a Mail message.
  • Multiple mailto: supported
  • Multiple get supported for ftp transfers
  • Hotlist Manager Enhancement
  • "Load to disk" enhancement

Bug Fixes

  • Memory and System Resource Improvements
  • Horizontal scroll bar not appearing
  • Winsock initialization problem fixed
  • news: post crashes
  • Removing focus from print preview caused a crash
  • copy/paste inserts blank lines where it finds <P> tags.

Version 2.0.0 Beta 3

Released March 28, 1995
Bug Fixes

  • Memory usage Improvements
  • Fixes to Mailto: problems with some mail servers
  • Multiple Get now functions properly
  • 256 character URL limit fixed.

Version 2.0.0 Beta 4

Released April 6, 1995
Features and Enhancements

  • Global History
  • Cache Management Improvements
  • New HTML 3.0 Tag Attributes
  • URL list box
  • New CCI function
  • Improvements in memory allocation

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed many bugs that were reported from B3, especially the crashes critters.
  • Mosaic no longer hangs when a CCI app initializes
  • No more double cursors over the spinning globe
  • Drag & Drop local files from the file manager works correctly.
  • Stand alone mode inline images display properly.
  • Cache Manager "Fast Image Caching" works with "Check Modification Date From Server".
  • Various News bugs were addressed.
  • multiple redirection URLs are properly handled.

Version 2.0.0 Final Beta

Released July 12, 1995
Features and Enhancements

  • Internal Image Support
  • Toolbar interface for NEWS
  • Help
  • New HTML support
  • New FTP Support
  • Hot Key Mapping
  • Sound Scheme Mapping
  • MD5 Authentication
  • Speed improvements

Bug Fixes

  • Hotlist manager more stable and shouldn't crash.
  • Document source is displayed for cached and local files.
  • Text and images within the same cell of a table get formatted correctly.
  • Printing has been improved.
  • Print not sizing properly (right margin truncating words)
  • Forms controls are sized according to the form control font.
  • Many other forms related bugs have been fixed
  • Palette problems in 256 color mode should be fixed.
  • URLs larger than 256 characters won't crash Mosaic.
  • Win 95 scroll crashing and scroll related problems
  • Find/Search won't crash
  • <IMG SRC=" " > && < IMG SRC= > don't crash
  • <Hn>...</Hn> tags inside a HEAD tag no longer cause all normal text to appear as <Hn>
  • Other <HEAD> related bugs fixed
  • Document source displays before the images are paginated.
  • Mosaic won't download files after you cancel an unrecognized MIME type.
  • proxy server definitions: ==
  • Newsgroup updates w/o defined NNTP server won't hang Mosaic.
  • Tables: text wrapping within a cell won't take on the characteristics of the <address> font
  • Mosaic will find internal anchors in stand alone mode.
  • Mosaic will let Telnet apps take to foreground.
  • <A HREF=""> and <A HREF=" "> are ignored.
  • mailto: from location bar works. ie.
  • Mosaic recognizes SMTP IP number addressing.
  • Incorrect password for FTP login allows you to retype the password.
  • many more dead bugs.......

Version 2.0.0 (Win3.1x & Win95)

Released October 11, 1995
Features and Enhancements

  • Collaborative Sessions
  • Advanced Hotlist Manager
  • AutoSurf
  • Network Timeout defined as a preference
  • Printing Preferences Sheet
  • Document Preferences Sheet
  • News Preferences Sheet
  • Directories Preferences Sheet
  • Window Preferences Sheet
  • Inline FTP messages
  • Optional Day, Date & Time information displayed in status bar
  • Help menu changes with a convenient link to a Online Resources file.
  • Additional News Toolbar functionality
  • New Command Line Options
  • Stop Button in Toolbar
  • Asynchronous non-blocking socket calls
  • New Right Mouse Button Features
  • Internal support for .wav audio files
  • New HTML support
  • New Hot Key Mappings
  • Multiple Cache directories
  • Referrer field sent to HTTPd

Squashed Bugs

  • Numerous Forms Bugs
  • Internal .au support removed. Use a viewer like wplany.
  • Background color in 256 color mode looks much better.
  • Several Find related bugs.
  • Network related abort bugs addressed.
  • Socket problems are gone!
  • Printing greatly improved.
  • Printing Transparent Images works
  • FTP bugs fixed.

Version 2.1.0

Features and Enhancements

  • Kodak Photo CD
  • Client Side Image Maps

Fixed Bugs

  • 16-bit winsock problems
  • OLE CCI GetLastLaunchedAnchor()

Version 2.1.1 (Win3.1x & Win95)

Fixed Bugs

  • Inline JPEG and Kodak PCD