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  1. Modeling Mother Nature

    Modeling Mother Nature

    Leigh Orf of Central Michigan University, NCSA's Robert Wilhelmson, and Eric Savory of the University of Western Ontario are utilizing an idealized cloud model designed specifically for massively parallel architectures to model storms and hoping that advances in supercomputing power will bring them closer to answers. Read more

    released on 07.09.13

  2. Drawing numbers

    Drawing numbers

    Access' Barbara Jewett visits with Dave Semeraro, leader of NCSA's Advanced Digital Services visualization team, to learn how his team enables research. Read more

    released on 07.09.13

  3. So much detail

    So much detail

    The power of Blue Waters is revolutionizing the field of space physics. Read more

    released on 07.09.13

  4. Exploring risky ideas

    Exploring risky ideas

    NCSA's pilot program SPIN (Students Pushing INnovation) concluded in May with seven of the undergraduate students presenting the results of their semester-long fellowships. Read more

    released on 07.09.13

  5. Flowing


    Antonino Ferrante of the University of Washington is working to better understand the complex physical processes involved in the spray combustion of liquid fuels. Read more

    released on 07.09.13

  6. Registration now open for Extreme Scaling Workshop

    Read more

    released on 06.24.13

  7. NCSA by the numbers

    NCSA by the numbers

    Whether the category is staff, grants, or supercomputing power, numbers tell the story of NCSA's scope and impact. See how NCSA breaks down by the numbers. Read more

    released on 06.24.13

  8. NCSA to host two summer school courses for graduate students

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    released on 06.23.13

  9. 22 Illinois projects receive time on Blue Waters

    Blue Waters will assist researchers in their work on understanding DNA, developing biofuels, simulating climate, and more. Read more

    released on 06.11.13

  10. NCSA to host Bro Exchange 2013

    Announcing Bro Exchange 2013 and requesting talks Read more

    released on 06.06.13

  11. XSEDE launches effort to tackle industry challenges

    XSEDE Industry Challenge Program establishes a new model for collaborative research between industry and academia. Read more

    released on 05.30.13

  12. NCSA puts world’s largest High Performance Storage System into production

    A massive 380 petabyte data repository is part of the Blue Waters project. Read more

    released on 05.30.13

  13. Protein puzzle

    Illinois researchers use Blue Waters to determine the precise chemical structure of the protein shell encasing HIV's genetic material. Their results appear in the journal Nature. Read more

    released on 05.29.13

  14. Meson mission

    With help from Blue Waters, a team of high-energy physicists performs the most precise calculation to date of the decay of K and pi mesons. Read more

    released on 05.29.13

  15. Graduate student award winners receive access to Blue Waters

    The two winners of the 2012 Graduate Student Award in Computational Physical Chemistry will be able to use the Blue Waters supercomputer to accelerate their research. Read more

    released on 05.20.13