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  1. Behind the scenes of NCSA: Image miners

    The information age we live in exists on top of a large amount of digital data. What many may not realize is that this is only a fraction of the data that could be at our disposal. Read more

    released on 05.22.12

  2. NCSA planning 500 petabytes of storage capacity

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    released on 05.22.12

  3. A moving question

    NCSA and XSEDE aid an Indiana University researcher studying the migration of massive planets in protoplanetary disks. Read more

    released on 05.22.12

  4. Serving the world of science

    Alan Blatecky, head of the National Science Foundation's Office of Cyberinfrastructure, recently chatted with Access' Barbara Jewett about the new visions at OCI and NSF. Read more

    released on 05.22.12

  5. Jump-starting the hydrogen economy

    With computing resources from XSEDE, engineers at Ohio University explore ammonia as a source of hydrogen for tomorrow's fuel cells. Read more

    released on 05.22.12

  6. 4 more research groups using Blue Waters Early Science System

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    released on 05.21.12

  7. XSEDE12 registration now open

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    released on 05.14.12

  8. NCSA to host FREE summer courses on heterogeneous programming, many-core processors

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    released on 05.03.12

  9. Timing is everything

    NCSA's GPU machines allow researchers to improve the fluid dynamics codes used for rotorcraft design. Read more

    released on 05.02.12

  10. Illinois-Cyprus collaboration spans computing, cultural heritage, and more

    For several years, the University of Illinois and the Cyprus Institute have been partners in an effort to establish a supercomputing center, and other expanded digital research capabilities, in the Eastern Mediterranean. Many of the diverse research activities encompassed by this collaboration are now bearing fruit for both partners. Read more

    released on 04.26.12

  11. Registration now open for Blue Waters/XSEDE Extreme Scaling Workshop

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    released on 04.25.12

  12. Simulating supernovae with Blue Waters

    Chris Malone and Andy Nonaka explains how their UC Santa Cruz/Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory team is using the Blue Waters Early Science System to study how carbon and oxygen burn to iron during the initial stages of thermonuclear runaway as a white dwarf goes supernova. Read more

    released on 04.25.12

  13. NCSA deploys GPU-enabled TeraChem software on Forge cluster

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    released on 04.19.12

  14. Understanding space weather with Blue Waters

    Homayoun Karimabadi from the University of California-San Diego explains how his team is using the Blue Waters Early Science System to investigate magnetic reconnection, which triggers storms on the sun and allows the sun's radiation to enter Earth's magnetosphere. Read more

    released on 04.17.12

  15. NCSA’s Forge to be decommissioned in September

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    released on 04.10.12