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  1. NSF awards NCSA $200,000 to investigate industrial use of simulation-based engineering and science

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    released on 08.25.10

  2. NSF awards $3 million to improve intrusion detection framework

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    released on 08.24.10

  3. E-science workshop brings U.S. and China together

    NCSA hosted the American-Chinese Cyberinfrastructure and E-Science Workshop August 10-12. Read more

    released on 08.12.10

  4. Genomics researcher Edison Liu spends summer at NCSA

    Edison Liu, the executive director of the Genome Institute of Singapore, has spent the summer at NCSA, working on collaborative projects and exploring the potential for genomics research and supercomputing to powerfully converge. He recently answered a few questions about his collaboration with the center. Read more

    released on 08.09.10

  5. NCSA supports 8 students participating in Research Experiences for Undergraduates

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    released on 07.20.10

  6. A dynamite system

    Irene Qualters joined the National Science Foundation in December 2009 as a program director in the office of Cyberinfrastructure, with responsibility for the Blue Waters project. She recently talked with Access' Barbara Jewett about Blue Waters, as well as the future of high-performance computing. Read more

    released on 07.15.10

  7. Glimpse of a “post-silicon” world

    Georgia Tech physicists explore graphene's properties as a conductor of electrons. Read more

    released on 07.15.10

  8. Cyberinfrastructure for transformative science

    NCSA Director Thom Dunning writes about the NCSA/NSF relationship. Read more

    released on 07.15.10

  9. Submissions sought for reconfigurable computing workshop

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    released on 07.07.10

  10. Sky yields big data

    Cosmology and astronomy are increasingly data-intensive sciences. NCSA is assisting researchers as they prepare to gather and process petabytes of data. Read more

    released on 06.30.10

  11. Partnership of supercomputing centers announces NSF XD TIS award

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    released on 06.28.10

  12. Cox participates in summit on broadening impacts

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    released on 06.24.10

  13. Craig, Leetaru receive third web tool patent

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    released on 06.22.10

  14. More than 1,000 visit new supercomputing facility

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    released on 06.18.10

  15. Free registration for Illinois students at VSCSE summer schools hosted by NCSA

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    released on 06.15.10