News | National Center for Supercomputing Applications at the University of Illinois

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  1. Indiana, Illinois launch HathiTrust Research Center for computational access to archives

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    released on 04.19.11

  2. NCSA Director Dunning receives ACS Award

    NCSA Director Thom Dunning received the ACS Award for Computers in Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research last month at the National Meeting of the American Chemical Society. Since 1984, this award has annually recognized outstanding individual achievement for the use of computers in education, product development, or research in the chemical and biological sciences. Read more

    released on 04.15.11

  3. Edee Wiziecki honored for outstanding contributions to education in Illinois

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    released on 03.29.11

  4. Searching for a pollution solution

    Searching for a pollution solution

    Coal-burning power plants spew toxic mercury into the atmosphere, but a researcher at the University of Arizona aims to better understand mercury reactions in order to develop effective emission controls. Read more

    released on 03.29.11

  5. NCSA’s Abe supercomputer to retire April 15

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    released on 03.28.11

  6. Visualizations show Hurricane Katrina gaining power

    Work by NCSA's Advanced Visualization Laboratory on view at dome festivals. Read more

    released on 03.23.11

  7. NCSA kicks off 25th anniversary year with March 2 celebration

    Nearly 200 people attended NCSA's 25th anniversary kickoff celebration March 2 at the NCSA Building. Campus dignitaries, faculty, and staff joined NCSA employees in reflecting on the center's past while envisioning NCSA's next 25 years. Read more

    released on 03.11.11

  8. High school student spends week shadowing NCSA staff

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    released on 03.10.11

  9. UI-7 spotlights NCSA’s 25th anniversary

    As NCSA celebrates its 25th anniversary, UI-7's Caroline Pahl takes a look at what supercomputers are used for, how they have changed, and what the future might bring. Read more

    released on 03.02.11

  10. NCSA part of effort to help manufacturers tap power of supercomputers

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    released on 03.02.11

  11. NCSA, Mayo explore techniques to visualize genetic information for clinicians

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    released on 02.28.11

  12. From Alliant to Forge

    NCSA supercomputers support years of steel research. Read more

    released on 02.28.11

  13. NCSA honors staff recognition award winners

    Congratulations to the NCSA staffers who were honored on Feb. 24 for their outstanding contributions to the center. Read more

    released on 02.25.11

  14. Faculty, undergraduate students sought for Undergraduate Petascale Internship Program

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    released on 02.22.11

  15. TeraGrid, Blue Waters sponsor Symposium on Data-Intensive Analysis, Analytics, and Informatics

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    released on 02.03.11