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  1. Keeping satellites on track

    Researchers use Blue Waters to make satellites more efficient and effective. Read more

    released on 10.16.13

  2. Nano is now

    Soon our devices will depend on transistors that are a few atoms wide. A tool developed by the Nanoelectronic Modeling Group will help design them. Read more

    released on 10.16.13

  3. Data set free

    Data set free

    Kenton McHenry, one of the leaders of NCSA’s Image and Spatial Data Analysis Division, tells Access’ Barbara Jewett about a project benefitting everyone. Read more

    released on 10.16.13

  4. Behind the scenes of NCSA: Authorities

    Behind the scenes of NCSA: Authorities

    The talented experts of NCSA’s Advanced Application Support group assist researchers in achieving the proper output. Read more

    released on 10.16.13

  5. Blue Waters supercomputer available for educational projects

    As part of the Blue Water project, up to 1 percent of the system's computational capacity is available for educational uses, including semester-long courses, workshops, and institutes. Applications for these education allocations are now being accepted! Read more

    released on 10.15.13

  6. Bro Center of Expertise to support cybersecurity operations

    The National Science Foundation has awarded a three-year, $3.4 million dollar grant to cybersecurity experts at NCSA and the International Computer Science Institute to provide training and technology for deploying the Bro network security monitor at NSF-funded sites of all sizes. Read more

    released on 10.01.13

  7. Illinois’ senators concerned about supercomputing

    U.S. Sen. Mark Kirk visited NCSA's Blue Waters supercomputer on Oct. 24, and U.S. Dick Durbin recently published an article in The Daily Herald calling for the United States not to fall behind other nations in providing the advanced computing capabilities that drive innovation and discovery. Read more

    released on 10.01.13

  8. NCSA celebrates big computing, big data with Petascale Day

    On Oct. 15, NCSA invites everyone to participate in Petascale Day, a celebration of big computing and big data. Read more

    released on 09.30.13

  9. WGN highlights climate change research on Blue Waters

    Meteorologist Tom Skilling visits U of I to learn more about the climate work of Don Wuebbles. Read more

    released on 09.27.13

  10. The Great Lakes Consortium is now accepting proposals to use Blue Waters

    Read more

    released on 09.26.13

  11. MechSE researcher uses Campus Cluster to explore thermal waste recovery

    “It was really key for us that...we had an up-and-running workhorse computing system that was ready to do the calculations we need to do,” said Elif Ertekin. Read more

    released on 09.20.13

  12. IACAT supports six collaborative projects

    Read more

    released on 09.13.13

  13. Project aims to improve security of industrial control systems

    The National Science Foundation has awarded a grant of almost $1.6 million to a team of cybersecurity experts from the University of Illinois and the International Computer Science Institute. Read more

    released on 09.03.13

  14. Dark Energy Survey begins

    Dark Energy Survey begins

    Illinois provides astronomical collaboration with camera components, data intensive computing, and scientific analyses. Read more

    released on 09.03.13

  15. Illinois allocations on Blue Waters

    Each year that Blue Waters is in operation, up to 13 million node-hours will be allocated to projects from the University of Illinois. Read more

    released on 08.29.13