News | National Center for Supercomputing Applications at the University of Illinois

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  1. Tuning up applications

    An Illinois team headed by computer science professor Laxmikant Kale is helping scientists tune their applications for Blue Waters, even before the hardware exists. He chatted with Access' Trish Barker about that process. Read more

    released on 11.01.10

  2. NCSA’s Shaowen Wang to lead $4.4 million GIS initiative

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    released on 10.28.10

  3. NCSA’s Welge part of team exploring text-mining with Mellon funding

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    released on 10.19.10

  4. ADM joins NCSA Private Sector Program

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    released on 10.18.10

  5. NCSA to host webinar on Federal Research Priorities and Budgets for FY11

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    released on 10.18.10

  6. Early warning system for illness outbreaks

    NCSA partners with health organizations to develop INDICATOR, a tool to catch outbreaks and help formulate response plans. Read more

    released on 10.14.10

  7. National Institute of Food and Agriculture honors MarketMaker

    MarketMaker, a tool created at Illinois with assistance from NCSA, was honored by the National Institute of Food and Agriculture for outstanding contribution in support of the USDA mission and for positive impact on agriculture. This online marketing resource gives farmers greater access to regional markets by linking them with processors, retailers, consumers and other food supply chain participants. Read more

    released on 10.07.10

  8. Hubble 3D earns 3 awards at Giant Screen Cinema Association

    Hubble 3D, a 43-minute IMAX® 3D documentary featuring two sequences created by NCSA's Advanced Visualization Laboratory, won three achievement awards from the Giant Screen Cinema Association. The film, an IMAX and Warner Bros. Pictures production, was honored as Best Film Produced Exclusively For Giant Screen Theaters and Best Film for Lifelong Learning and for Best Cinematography. Read more

    released on 10.01.10

  9. NCSA, TeraGrid to participate in USA Science & Engineering Festival

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    released on 09.28.10

  10. NCSA’s Towns to appear on GPU computing panel

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    released on 09.28.10

  11. NCSA receives NSF grant to develop Eclipse-based Workbench for HPC Applications

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    released on 09.23.10

  12. Open for science

    Construction of the National Petascale Computing Facility is complete. Read more

    released on 09.22.10

  13. New technology for old text

    Computing time from I-CHASS and NCSA helps scholars improve digitization of 18th century text. Read more

    released on 09.21.10

  14. Building bridges from research to education

    The cybereducation team at NCSA helps bridge the gap between research and education by conducting activities and programs to disseminate advanced technologies to new—as well as established—communities, encouraging them to adopt computational technologies as learning tools. Read more

    released on 09.17.10

  15. Quantum mechanics reveals new details of deep earth

    Scientists use NCSA and other TeraGrid resources to reveal that the most common mineral on Earth is relatively uncommon deep within the planet. Read more

    released on 09.17.10