News | National Center for Supercomputing Applications at the University of Illinois

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  1. NCSA’s Advanced Visualization Lab contributes to Palm d’Or-winning Terrence Malick film

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    released on 06.01.11

  2. NCSA deploys new high-performance cluster dedicated to industrial use

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    released on 05.31.11

  3. NCSA installing 153 teraflop supercomputer

    Forge will combine CPUs and GPUs. Read more

    released on 05.18.11

  4. International coalition aims to enable climate simulation at extreme scale

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    released on 05.16.11

  5. Supercomputing for Science and Competitiveness

    NCSA Director Thom Dunning was among the experts who participated in a March briefing on the benefits of more powerful supercomputers and the hurdles that must be overcome to reach exascale performance. Video and slides from the briefing are now available online. Read more

    released on 04.29.11

  6. Going somewhere

    NCSA turned 25 in January. Bob Wilhelmson was at NCSA from the very beginning. Read more

    released on 04.28.11

  7. The “most powerful computer in the world”

    NCSA Director Thom Dunning speaks about the Tianhe-1A supercomputer. Read more

    released on 04.28.11

  8. Free radicals—Get them before they get you!

    Researchers from Long Island University use NCSA's Abe to provide a valuable clue in the hunt for more effective antioxidants. Read more

    released on 04.28.11

  9. User reflections: Michael Norman

    Preparations for observing NCSA's 25th anniversary this year revealed several users who computed at NCSA in 1986 who are still active users today. We invited them to share their thoughts on advances in high-performance computing. Read more

    released on 04.28.11

  10. Behind the scenes of NCSA—Mission: security

    Though they're not quite as clandestine as an impossible missions force, the work of NCSA's Security Operations team is just as vital and nearly as challenging. Read more

    released on 04.28.11

  11. Medium action

    University of Colorado researchers study the chemistry of the interstellar medium with the help of NCSA's Abe. Read more

    released on 04.28.11

  12. A tremendous return

    An expert in building reliable computing systems, Ravi Iyer is the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign's Vice Chancellor for Research. NCSA's J. William Bell talked to Iyer recently about the Blue Waters sustained-petascale supercomputer and the role of large projects like Blue Waters and interdisciplinary centers like NCSA at the University. Read more

    released on 04.28.11

  13. Contrail clouds

    The climate research community suspects that aviation impacts global climate by changing cloud cover, but the extent of this effect is very uncertain. That's the focus of a Stanford University project led by Mark Jacobson and Sanjiva Lele. Their team, including PhD candidate Alexander Naiman, is studying the impact of commercial aviation on climate. Read more

    released on 04.28.11

  14. ‘People’s lives are affected’

    The Blue Waters sustained-petascale supercomputer will help researchers figure out ways to blunt climate change and develop local strategies for living with the changes that do occur. Read more

    released on 04.28.11

  15. EcoG cluster aiding high-energy physics research

    The "green" cluster built by U of I students is now speeding up real science. Read more

    released on 04.20.11