Illinois alumni to speak on entrepreneurship | National Center for Supercomputing Applications at the University of Illinois

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  1. What will scientists do with Blue Waters?

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    released on 12.09.09

  2. Doing the best

    Access' Barbara Jewett chatted with IBM Fellow Ed Seminaro, chief architect for POWER HPC servers at IBM, about some of the unique aspects of the Blue Waters project. Read more

    released on 11.12.09

  3. Get in the game

    The graphics processing units in NCSA's Lincoln cluster speed molecular dynamics simulations that drive the development of detergents and drug-delivery systems. Read more

    released on 11.09.09

  4. Hydrogen harvest

    A computational approach and NCSA resources help MIT researchers better understand the process of manufacturing hydrogen. Read more

    released on 08.25.09

  5. Assurance of things not seen

    University of Virginia researchers use TeraGrid resources to simulate the accretion disks that ring black holes and the astrophysical jets they create. Read more

    released on 12.18.08

  6. NCSA teams up with U.S. Army to devise smart Web crawling system

    To address the need for more focused, faster searching, the Army and private companies teamed up with NCSA researchers. Read more

    released on 12.05.08

  7. Bone builder

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    released on 11.17.08

  8. Blue Waters: Changing the way science is done

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    released on 08.11.08

  9. Getting down to details

    Researchers at Scripps Institution of Oceanography develop fine-scale climate datasets using a novel numerical technique on TeraGrid systems at SDSC and NCSA. Read more

    released on 10.30.07

  10. An amazing race

    Six amino acid sequences. Thousands of atoms. Millions of time steps. Could protein researchers using NCSA's Tungsten solve these protein structures...and test out a theory about how they folded...all in three months? Read more

    released on 08.24.07

  11. Every breath we take

    Researchers at the Illinois State Water Survey and the University of Illinois use NCSA's systems to simulate how U.S. air quality will be affected by global climate and emission changes. Read more

    released on 08.24.07

  12. NCSA visualizes ‘Black Holes: The Other Side of Infinity’

    High-resolution scientific visualizations created at NCSA will illustrate spectacular cosmic wonders when the planetarium show Black Holes: The Other Side of Infinity debuts at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science Read more

    released on 02.01.06

  13. More than just muscle

    After years of using NCSA's supercomputers, Yuanhui Zhang's team works with the center's visualization experts to get a new view of airflow in airplane cabins. Read more

    released on 05.27.05

  14. Hunt for the Supertwister

    A close collaboration between NCSA visualization experts and atmospheric researchers sheds new light on the formation of the most powerful, dangerous tornadoes. Read more

    released on 11.08.04