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  1. Meson mission

    With help from Blue Waters, a team of high-energy physicists performs the most precise calculation to date of the decay of K and pi mesons. Read more

    released on 05.29.13

  2. Graduate student award winners receive access to Blue Waters

    The two winners of the 2012 Graduate Student Award in Computational Physical Chemistry will be able to use the Blue Waters supercomputer to accelerate their research. Read more

    released on 05.20.13

  3. Speed keys

    Speed keys

    Solving their code's I/O problems leads to faster performance and a new step forward in seismological research for University of Wyoming researchers. Read more

    released on 05.14.13

  4. Augmented reality app brings Alma back for commencement!

    Augmented reality app brings Alma back for commencement!

    Artists and programmers across the Illinois campus, including NCSA's Alan Craig, came together to create a free augmented reality app that ensures the Class of 2013 will be able to share in a beloved U of I tradition by having their photo taken with a photo-realistic, high-resolution digital Alma Mater. Read more

    released on 05.08.13

  5. Blue Waters Symposium to feature new methods, results

    Representatives from science teams using the Blue Waters supercomputer will share methods and results in areas including GPUs, improving scalability, and new algorithms. Read more

    released on 05.08.13

  6. Register now for Virtual School summer courses on data-intensive and many-core computing

    Graduate students, post-docs and professionals from academia, government, and industry are invited to sign up now for two summer courses offered by the Virtual School of Computational Science and Engineering. Read more

    released on 05.06.13

  7. NCSA’s Slagell guest blogs on Blue Waters and Bro

    Using ICSI's open-source Bro platform to protect the Blue Waters supercomputer Read more

    released on 04.26.13

  8. Blue Waters to help team better understand global precipitation

    Penn State's Patrick Reed leads an effort to improve satellite coverage and data gathering. Read more

    released on 04.23.13

  9. Undergraduate SPIN fellows to present their NCSA projects on May 1

    The first cohort of interns in the Students Pushing Innovation (SPIN) program will give presentations on their projects. Read more

    released on 04.19.13

  10. Gropp discusses Blue Waters on WILL Focus

    Read more

    released on 04.16.13

  11. XSEDE, Blue Waters help team improve earthquake simulation code

    Read more

    released on 04.03.13

  12. Blue Waters supercomputer now open for 24/7 science!

    Blue Waters supercomputer now open for 24/7 science!

    Today the Blue Waters supercomputer at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign entered production, meaning the behemoth capable of performing quadrillions of calculations every second and working with quadrillions of bytes of data is now crunching numbers around the clock to help scientists and engineers across the country tackle a wide variety of science and engineering challenges. Read more

    released on 03.28.13

  13. NSF spotlights power of supercomputers

    As the Blue Waters system at NCSA and Texas' Stampede both enter production, the National Science Foundation takes a closer look at the many ways supercomputers advance scientific discovery. Read more

    released on 03.26.13

  14. Great Lakes Consortium awards Blue Waters time to 10 projects

    Read more

    released on 03.21.13

  15. Illinois’ ‘pride and joy’

    Crain's Chicago Business visited Blue Waters and was impressed by its powerful big computing and big data capabilities. Read more

    released on 03.11.13