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  1. NCSA’s Private Sector Program pushes LS-DYNA code to extreme scale on Blue Waters sup

    NCSA’s Private Sector Program pushes LS-DYNA code to extreme scale on Blue Waters supercomputer

    LS-DYNA, an explicit finite element code used for simulations in the auto, aerospace, manufacturing, and bioengineering industries, was recently scaled to 15,000 cores on NCSA’s Blue Waters supercomputer—a world record for scaling of any commercial engineering code. Read more

    released on 02.19.14

  2. Really big problems

    Really big problems

    University of Chicago researchers use a new coarse-grained molecular dynamics code on the massive Blue Waters system. Read more

    released on 02.17.14

  3. Smarr wins Golden Goose

    Former NCSA director Larry Smarr is honored for the far-reaching impact of his research leadership, from the creation of the NSF HPC centers to the development of the Mosaic web browser. Read more

    released on 02.15.14

  4. Researchers selected for Blue Waters advisory committee

    The committee brings together a diverse group of Blue Waters users to provide guidance on the project’s growth and development through an end-user perspective. Read more

    released on 02.12.14

  5. 12 Illinois faculty awarded prestigious Blue Waters Professorships

    Twelve University of Illinois faculty members from a range of fields have been selected as Blue Waters Professors, an honor that comes with substantial computing and data resources on the Blue Waters supercomputer at NCSA Read more

    released on 02.04.14

  6. Submissions due May 1 for Extreme Scaling Workshop

    The conference committee seeks submissions of excellent quality addressing the challenges of using, designing, deploying, or integrating infrastructure for both big data analysis and large-scale computation to facilitate scientific discovery. Read more

    released on 02.04.14

  7. NCSA helps launch resource to fight cybercrime

    Designed in part by researchers from NCSA, a suite of assurance tools and software packages that serve to identify vulnerabilities and reduce false positives has been released to the public. Read more

    released on 02.03.14

  8. Apply for HPC Summer School by March 9

    Grad students and postdocs from Europe, Canada, Japan and the U.S. are invited to apply for the fifth International Summer School on HPC Challenges in Computational Sciences, June 1-6, 2014, in Budapest, Hungary. Read more

    released on 01.28.14

  9. HPCwire People to Watch

    HPCwire People to Watch

    HPCwire has selected NCSA's John Towns as a key person to watch in the HPC community in 2014. Read more

    released on 01.27.14

  10. See NCSA at AAAS!

    See NCSA at AAAS!

    NCSA is participating in the AAAS Annual Meeting in Chicago! Stop by booth #313 Feb. 14-16 to learn how NCSA can supercharge your research. Read more

    released on 01.24.14

  11. XSEDE14 call for participation

    The XSEDE14 conference will be held July 13-18 in Atlanta under the theme "Engaging Communities." Read more

    released on 01.09.14

  12. NCSA Private Sector Program plays key role in Illinois Manufacturing Lab

    NCSA Private Sector Program plays key role in Illinois Manufacturing Lab

    NCSA's Private Sector Program will provide expertise and resources to help companies around the state improve their products and processes to increase competitiveness. Read more

    released on 12.18.13

  13. Nation’s researchers invited to apply for Blue Waters resources

    The National Science Foundation has opened a call for requests for allocations on Blue Waters. Proposals are due by March 10. Read more

    released on 12.06.13

  14. Blue Waters helps team win best paper at SC13

    Blue Waters helps team win best paper at SC13

    The Blue Waters supercomputer was the driving petaflop power behind "Enabling Highly-Scalable Remote Memory Access Programming with MPI-3 One Sided," awarded best technical paper at SC13 on Nov. 21 in Denver, Co. Read more

    released on 12.04.13

  15. Crain’s Chicago spotlights Brown Dog data project

    A group at NCSA is getting more than $10 million from NSF to develop tools to manage uncurated data. Read more

    released on 12.02.13