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  1. Dow launches Innovation Center, partners with NCSA

    This partnership will enable Dow to leverage the center’s expertise and knowledge of best practices in high-performance modeling and simulation. Read more

    released on 01.14.13

  2. Terascala joins NCSA Private Sector Program

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    released on 12.12.12

  3. Illinois faculty/staff invited to apply for fellowships

    Program provides seed funding for developing long-term research collaborations with NCSA. Read more

    released on 12.11.12

  4. John Melchi named NCSA deputy executive director

    John Melchi named NCSA deputy executive director

    This new leadership position combines center-wide operational management duties with responsibilities for strategic planning, management system development, organization planning, and financial planning. Read more

    released on 12.05.12

  5. Illinois College of Engineering seeking Blue Waters Professors

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    released on 11.29.12

  6. NCSA shares in HPCwire Editors’ Choice Award

    The National Digital Engineering and Manufacturing Consortium has received the 2012 HPCwire Editors' Choice Award for Best HPC Collaboration between Government and Industry. Read more

    released on 11.13.12

  7. Blue Waters Training, Education and Outreach Impact

    The Blue Waters project supports activities that engage faculty and students across the country and help them in pursuing computational science and engineering research and education. Read more

    released on 11.12.12

  8. Blue Waters one year later: Delivering sustained petascale science

    One year ago, NCSA and Cray joined forces to create the Blue Waters sustained petascale computing system. Read more

    released on 11.09.12

  9. Duo image

    Duo image

    From the time NCSA opened its doors, scientific visualization has played an important role. The visualization team of David Bock and Mark Van Moer provides technical expertise and assistance to computational scientists and researchers desiring to represent and analyze data generated by computational models. This facilitates the understanding of the simulated phenomena. Read more

    released on 11.09.12

  10. Doing with less

    Doing with less

    Researchers used NCSA's Forge to improve computational protein structure modeling. Read more

    released on 11.09.12

  11. New NCSA team to focus on data challenges

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    released on 11.08.12

  12. Changing the world

    Changing the world

    Cray President and CEO Peter J. Ungaro recently spoke with Access' Barbara Jewett about why the company Seymour Cray founded continues to be inimitable. Read more

    released on 11.07.12

  13. Blue Waters petascale supercomputer now in friendly user phase

    The full Blue Waters petascale computing system is now available in 'friendly-user' mode to the National Science Foundation-approved science and engineering teams. These groups from across the country will use Blue Waters for challenging research in weather and climate, astrophysics, biomolecular systems, and other fields. Read more

    released on 11.06.12

  14. XSEDE13: Call for Participation

    The conference will be July 22-25 in San Diego. Read more

    released on 11.06.12

  15. Top problems with the TOP500

    Top problems with the TOP500

    Bill Kramer, Deputy Project Director for Blue Waters, discusses some of the drawbacks to using Linpack alone to determine the TOP500 list. Read more

    released on 11.01.12