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  1. Department of Homeland Security funds project to improve software security

    NCSA's Jim Basney will lead the identity and access management component. Read more

    released on 11.01.12

  2. A minute with… Thom Dunning, director of NCSA

    Dunning talks about computing and data at the supercomputer scale and how the Blue Waters facility is advancing research at the U. of I. Read more

    released on 10.15.12

  3. New NSF-funded project fills the cybersecurity gap for science

    The Center for Trustworthy Scientific Cyberinfrastructure is supported by a three-year, $4.297 million grant from the National Science Foundation. Read more

    released on 10.09.12

  4. Harmonic convergence

    The NCSA building is a hotbed for innovation in the application of advanced computing technologies. In addition to being the home of NCSA, it's also the headquarters for the Institute for Advanced Computing Applications and Technologies, the Illinois Informatics Institute, eDream, and the Institute for Computing in the Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences. Read more

    released on 10.07.12

  5. T. rex on your desk!

    NCSA's Alan Craig describes how augmented reality brings a new dimension to information. Read more

    released on 10.07.12

  6. Jerry Fiddler to give talk on innovation at NCSA SPIN

    The Illinois alumnus and technology entrepreneur will share his thoughts on innovation and education. Read more

    released on 10.05.12

  7. Giles details study on challenges in industry use of HPC

    HPCwire talks to the leader of NCSA's Private Sector Program about a recent study to see whether improvements in the science inside applications and other factors could help industrial HPC users. Read more

    released on 10.03.12

  8. Dunning to retire as NCSA director in 2013

    After nearly eight years at the helm of the National Center for Supercomputing Applications at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Thom H. Dunning Jr. has announced that he will retire as the center's director in 2013. Read more

    released on 09.28.12

  9. Making history

    Early results indicate Blue Waters will live up to expectations. Read more

    released on 09.24.12

  10. Inside Illinois profiles NCSA computer operations manager Mike Pingleton

    Read more

    released on 09.20.12

  11. NCSA joins in planning for Water Science Software Institute

    Read more

    released on 09.19.12

  12. World’s most powerful digital camera records first images in hunt for dark energy

    The Dark Energy Camera, the most powerful sky-mapping machine ever created, has for the first time captured and recorded ancient starlight that may hold the answer to one of the biggest mysteries in physics—why the expansion of the universe is speeding up. Scientists in the international Dark Energy Survey (DES) collaboration will use this camera to undertake the largest galaxy survey ever attempted, and the massive amounts of data will be processed and stored at NCSA. Read more

    released on 09.17.12

  13. “Bioinformatics Challenge” relies on NCSA brains and brawn

    Read more

    released on 09.14.12

  14. NCSA invites Illinois students to Oct. 24 innovation event

    Undergraduates are invited to learn more about hands-on R&D internships. Read more

    released on 09.12.12

  15. NCSA aims to reduce disruption caused by end of support for Mass Storage System

    Read more

    released on 09.11.12