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  1. NCSA invites Illinois students to Oct. 24 innovation event

    Undergraduates are invited to learn more about hands-on R&D internships. Read more

    released on 09.12.12

  2. NCSA aims to reduce disruption caused by end of support for Mass Storage System

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    released on 09.11.12

  3. AVL and eDream work with Krannert Center for “Tao of Bach”

    Members of the Advanced Visualization Lab and eDream collaborated with Krannert Center, Tai Ji master Chungliang Al Huang, and a quartet of musicians for Sept. 13 performance that will bring together visualization technology, dance, and music. Read more

    released on 09.05.12

  4. New NCSA staff members will help businesses use HPC modeling

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    released on 09.05.12

  5. Deep and wide

    An Illinois team uses NCSA resources to help humans understand their environment. Read more

    released on 08.28.12

  6. Campus Champions advance research

    Researchers, scientists, and engineers need help to move beyond the technology problems so they can solve the science problems. They are learning that the solution often comes in the form of Campus Champions, volunteers who are knowledgeable, committed staff people who serve as a source of information, guidance, and support for their institutions. Read more

    released on 08.28.12

  7. No magic wands

    Victor Jongeneel leads the bioinformatics efforts of NCSA and the University of Illinois. He recently spoke with Access' Barbara Jewett about what bioinformatics is--and is not. Read more

    released on 08.27.12

  8. What a year!

    PI and Project Director of the XSEDE project John Towns reflects on the myriad activities that have gone on in starting up the project. Read more

    released on 08.27.12

  9. Behind the scenes of NCSA: Work for bandwidth

    The NCSA Network Engineering group ensures staff, computing resources, and researchers are served by networks that are fast, reliable, and adaptable. Read more

    released on 08.27.12

  10. Tantalizing glimpses

    Visualization has been an integral part of NCSA since its beginning. That tradition continues with the Blue Waters project. Read more

    released on 08.27.12

  11. NCSA celebrates big computing, big data with Petascale Day

    The Blue Waters supercomputer and NCSA's massive data system have reached the 'petascale,' which refers to computing and data in the quadrillions. To celebrate, we'll host a variety of fun, free activities--from tours to movies--on Petascale Day this Oct. 15. Read more

    released on 08.22.12

  12. 6 additional Illinois fellows selected for collaborations with NCSA

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    released on 08.21.12

  13. Cyprus Institute, Illinois offer fellowships for graduate and post-doc research

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    released on 08.15.12

  14. Nearly 600 attend first XSEDE conference

    With nearly 600 attendees, the first annual conference of the Extreme Science and Engineering Discovery Environment (XSEDE), held July 16-20 in Chicago, was a big success. Read more

    released on 08.13.12

  15. SAAHPC 2012 Best Paper Award goes to ‘Power Aware Computing on GPUs’

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    released on 08.08.12