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  1. Blue Waters visualization team provides first science images

    With the first portion of the Blue Waters petascale supercomputer now being used by six science teams, the Blue Waters visualization team is using scalable visualization software to produce some of the first science images from the Blue Waters project. Read more

    released on 04.03.12

  2. Containing multitudes

    NCSA is helping humanities and social science scholars analyze troves of data about worlds both real and virtual, shedding light on human behavior. Read more

    released on 03.29.12

  3. Submissions sought for Blue Waters/XSEDE Extreme Scaling Workshop

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    released on 03.26.12

  4. 6 science teams begin using Blue Waters Early Science System

    Six research teams have begun using the first phase of the Blue Waters supercomputer to study some of the most challenging problems in science and engineering. Read more

    released on 03.20.12

  5. XSEDE12 seeks papers on science, education, outreach, training

    The annual XSEDE Conference will be July 16-20 in Chicago. Read more

    released on 03.16.12

  6. NCSA’s visualization team goes where no filmmaker has gone before

    The Illinois Alumni Magazine showcases the center's work for planetariums, museums and IMAX theaters. Read more

    released on 03.07.12

  7. Illinois supercomputers, expertise to help determine winner of genomics prize

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    released on 02.27.12

  8. XSEDE Extended Collaborative Support sets symposium series

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    released on 02.22.12

  9. Torsten Hoefler wins 2012 SIAG/Supercomputing Junior Scientist Prize

    Hoefler's research revolves around performance-centric software development and deals with scalable networks, parallel programming techniques, and performance modeling. Read more

    released on 02.20.12

  10. How fast is a supercomputer?

    Illinois' Bill Gropp explains different ways to consider the power of Blue Waters. Read more

    released on 02.16.12

  11. Adaptive Computing forms software development partnership with NCSA

    Adaptive Computing is the latest company to join NCSA's Private Sector Program. Read more

    released on 02.16.12

  12. NCSA visualizations help capture ‘Dynamic Earth’

    A team at the National Center for Supercomputing Applications created data-driven scientific visualizations of Hurricane Katrina and the harsh terrain of Venus for "Dynamic Earth," a new immersive digital fulldome production that follows the trail of energy that flows from the sun into the interlocking systems that shape our climate: the atmosphere, oceans, and the biosphere. Read more

    released on 02.03.12

  13. Blue Waters “Early Science System” delivered to NCSA

    Forty-eight cabinets of the Blue Waters sustained-petascale supercomputer have arrived at the University of Illinois' NCSA and were powered up over the last few days. Read more

    released on 01.30.12

  14. Blue Waters to use Globus Online for data movement

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    released on 01.23.12

  15. Call for participation: XSEDE12

    The annual XSEDE Conference will be held July 16-20 in Chicago. Read more

    released on 01.20.12