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  1. June workshop promotes data center innovation, energy efficiency

    Keynote speakers are Ed Seminaro, chief architect of POWER HPC servers at IBM, and David Dibble, executive vice president of service engineering and operations at Yahoo!. Read more

    released on 04.06.10

  2. When tornadoes attack

    With Blue Waters, atmospheric scientists believe they'll be able to gain important insights into the formation of dangerous twisters, leading to earlier and more accurate warnings. Read more

    released on 04.06.10

  3. National Petascale Computing Facility reaches substantial completion

    National Petascale Computing Facility reaches substantial completion

    The University of Illinois' National Petascale Computing Facility has reached substantial completion and will be ready for operations June 1. Read more

    released on 04.02.10

  4. MyProxy celebrates 10th anniversary

    The first version of the MyProxy credential management software was created at NCSA in April 2000. Read more

    released on 03.30.10

  5. Linux selected as operating system for Blue Waters

    Staff at NCSA and IBM evaluated both the open-source Linux and IBM's AIX as potential operating systems for Blue Waters, extensively testing both on identical hardware at large scale. Read more

    released on 03.22.10

  6. Astrophysicists, cosmologists to tap power of Blue Waters

    Scientists and engineers who are eager to tap this sustained-petaflop powerhouse for breakthrough research are already working closely with the Blue Waters project team to prepare their codes. Read more

    released on 03.18.10

  7. NCSA visualizations featured in Hubble 3D

    NCSA visualizations featured in Hubble 3D

    The film offers an inspiring and unique look into the Hubble Space Telescope's legacy and highlights its profound impact on the way we view the universe and ourselves. Read more

    released on 03.17.10

  8. Best paper at GPU symposium to be rewarded with NVIDIA hardware

    Submissions of abstracts on the use of GP-GPUs in a broad range of chemical applications are being accepted until April 5. Read more

    released on 03.15.10

  9. Undergraduate internships and curriculum development awards available through Blue Waters project

    The program will provide students with computational thinking skills and the knowledge they need to advance scientific computing throughout their careers. Read more

    released on 03.04.10

  10. NCSA to provide Ember as shared-memory resource for nation’s researchers

    Ember will be available to researchers through the National Science Foundation's TeraGrid until that program concludes in March 2011 and then will be allocated through its successor, the eXtreme Digital program. Read more

    released on 03.02.10

  11. Jongeneel joins NCSA, IGB to spearhead bio/medical informatics program

    Jongeneel will be developing a biomedical informatics program that brings together resources and expertise at both research centers and across the Illinois campus and will engage institutions worldwide to partner in the new program. Read more

    released on 03.01.10

  12. NCSA researchers awarded second patent in as many years

    For the second time in two years, NCSA research programmer Alan Craig and Kalev Leetaru, a former NCSA staffer, have been awarded a patent. This time, the duo's collaboration resulted in a user-friendly database program designed for academic communities unfamiliar with computer coding. Read more

    released on 02.26.10

  13. Academic researchers, U.S. companies invited to apply for time on Blue Waters

    The National Science Foundation is currently soliciting proposals from researchers who are interested in tackling challenging science and engineering problems using Blue Waters. Read more

    released on 02.23.10

  14. NCSA offers free webinar on performance tools

    This webinar, led by NCSA system engineer Galen Arnold, will provide an introduction to performance tools and techniques. Read more

    released on 02.19.10

  15. Submissions sought for GPU symposium

    The symposium will provide technical presentations from the companies who are advancing the development of general-purpose graphics processing units (GP-GPUs), discussions of the challenges involved in effectively programming GP-GPUs, and presentations on the use of GP-GPUs in a broad range of chemical applications. Read more

    released on 02.03.10