Colloquia Series

The NCSA Colloquia series was launched in fall 2014 to bring leaders in big data, big computing, and big research to the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign to enlighten and spark innovation among researchers and students of all disciplines. These events are free and the entire campus community is welcome to attend. Video is available after each talk.

Abstract: This talk explores the question of how we might engage both critically and generatively with the contemporary figure of innovation. I suggest as one resource the concept of location, as it has been articulated within anthropological, feminist, and (post)colonial research. I take as a starting place the premise that we cannot think about innovation separately from the political, economic, and disciplinary histories that imbue that word with its currency. More specifically, we need to attend to the ways in which the professionalisation of design in the last century, in the midst of kindred projects in modernist rationalisation, has included a legacy of hegemonic claims to the question of what and whose knowledges are relevant to our collective future making. Only by engaging critically with that history can we extricate ourselves from what are arguably the extraordinarily repetitive terms that have been available to us for articulating processes of change. In writing about innovation's relocation, my argument is that design needs to acknowledge the specificities of its place, to position itself as one (albeit multiple) figure and practice of transformation.

Bio: Lucy Suchman holds a Chair in the Anthropology of Science and Technology at Lancaster University and was Principal Scientist at Xerox’s Palo Alto Research Center, where she spent twenty years and was manager of the Work Practice and Technology research group. Her books, Human-Machine Reconfigurations (2007) and Plans and Situated Actions: The Problem of Human-Machine Communication (1987), both published by Cambridge University Press, provide intellectual foundations for the field of human-computer interaction (HCI) and artificial intelligence. In 2002 she received the Benjamin Franklin Medal in Computer and Cognitive Sciences and the 2010 ACM SIGCHI Lifetime Research Award.

Please join us for a brief reception at 10:15am in the NCSA atrium followed by the colloquium in the auditorium.

Please join us for a brief reception at 10:15am in the NCSA atrium followed by the colloquium in the auditorium.

Past Speakers

  1. watch the video presentation

    What We Have Learned about using Software Engineering Practices in Scientific Software

    Jeffrey Carver, University of Alabama

    presented December 9, 2016

  2. watch the video presentation

    Big Data Visual Analysis

    Chris Johnson, University of Utah

    presented November 4, 2016

  3. watch the video presentation

    The Role of Emerging Technology in Reducing Windstorm Impacts

    Forrest Masters, University of Florida

    presented October 28, 2016

  4. watch the video presentation

    Archiving Capacity and Data Infrastructure: Holes, Goals, Roles and Responsibility

    Margaret Hedstrom, University of Michigan

    presented October 14, 2016

  5. watch the video presentation

    Not on the Shelves: What Nonexistent Books, Tools, and Courses Can Tell Us about Ourselves

    Greg Wilson, Software Carpentry

    presented September 23, 2016

  6. watch the video presentation

    Future of Architectures and Artificial Intelligence

    Larry Smarr, Calit2

    presented September 16, 2016

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