Celebrating the #BeautyofComputing

07.20.15 -

The National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA) joins the National Science Foundation (NSF) in their social media celebration of the beauty of computing.

The #BeautyofComputing campaign will run though the remainder of the summer and showcase the beautiful simulation and visualization work funded through NSF. NCSA is excited to have an opportunity to show the world the stunning and novel work of our science teams who have or are still using the Blue Waters supercomputer and/or XSEDE to enable their results, as well as the work of our talented Advanced Visualization Laboratory.

#BeautyofComputing comes at a great time, as there are many exciting projects, activities, and events happening right now, for both Blue Waters and XSEDE as well as the NSF Computer and Information Science and Engineering (CISE) community at large. This includes the opening of "The Science Behind Pixar" exhibition at the Museum of Science, the XSEDE15 Visualization Showcase on July 29 in St. Louis, and premiere of Solar Superstorms—a 24-minute, high-resolution science documentary about the dynamics of the Sun that features data-driven visualizations produced by NCSA.

Revel in the #BeautyofComputing and join the conversation by following NCSA at /NCSAatIllinois and @NCSAatIllinois.

National Science Foundation

Blue Waters is supported by the National Science Foundation through awards ACI-0725070 and ACI-1238993.

National Science Foundation

XSEDE is supported by National Science Foundation through award ACI-1053575.