NCSA welcomes new interns!

06.03.15 -

31 undergraduate students are starting (or continuing) internships at the National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA) this summer. They are pursuing research and development projects with NCSA staff and affiliated U of I faculty members.

  • Mingzhe Zhao is working with mentor Scott Althaus (Political Science/Cline Center for Democracy) on Dynamic Monitoring and Runtime Configuration of Voyager Web Crawler
  • Shaoshi Ling (Computer Engineering) and Dingcheng Yue (Computer Science) is working with mentor Robert Brunner (Astronomy) on Dark Energy Survey Visualization Tools and Data Mining
  • Lengyue Chen is working with mentor Mike Freemon (NCSA) on the National Data Service project
  • Ziqiao Ding (Computer Science), Mingwei Hu (Computer Science), Shuting Li (Electrical and Computer Engineering) and Colter Wehmeier (Architecture) are working with Donna Cox (NCSA/eDream Institute/Art+Design) in the NCSA Advanced Visualization Laboratory
  • Emily Turner (Engineering) is working with mentor Elif Ertekin (Mechanical Science and Engineering) on a project involving the chemistry of hydrogen production at nanosurfaces
  • Brandon Carswell (Parkland College), Shaqueille Thomas (U of I), and Maggie Tracy (Bradley University) are working with mentor Doug Fein, head of NCSA's IT Services
  • Haotian Jiang (Computer Science) is working with mentor Andrew Ferguson (Materials Science and Engineering) on machine learning QSAR models for antimicrobial peptide design
  • Lin Cheng and Yohann Puri are working with mentor Volodymyr Kindratenko, who leads NCSA's Innovative Systems Laboratory, on Exploring Cloud Computing and Cloud Storage for Data-Intensive Applications
  • Evan Dotterer and Jihui Yang (both Electrical and Computer Engineering) are working on Hardware Tracking and Error Measuring on the Illinois Campus Cluster with NCSA's Dan LaPine
  • Michael Yoo is working with mentor Bertram Ludaescher (Library and Information Science/NCSA) on A Tool for Live, Interactive Workflow Views over Programming Scripts
  • Edward Villasenor (Electrical and Computer Engineering) is working with Michael Miller from NCSA's Event Services team on Speech-to-Text Auto Captioning
  • Yicheng Sun and Rebecca Ventura (both Electrical and Computer Engineering) are working with mentor Barbara Minsker (Civil and Environmental Engineering) on Environmental Informatics and Systems Analysis
  • Emily Chen (Molecular and Cellular Biology) and Xuseng Zhang are working with mentor Andre Schleife (Materials Science and Engineering) on Augmented Reality for Materials Science
  • Dominic Grande (Electrical and Computer Engineering) is working with NCSA visualization programmer Rob Sisernos on The Application of "Big Data" Analytics Techniques to Visualization Algorithms
  • Mingze Gao (Computer Science/Math), Yiming Huang (Engineering), Sun Woo Kim (Engineering), Garrett Nickle, and Rupali Raju (Engineering) are working with Jeff Terstriep (Urban and Regional Planning/NCSA) and the CyberGIS Center
  • Prabhat M. Reddy and Allyson Julian (Liberal Arts and Sciences) are working with Matt Turk (Astronomy/NCSA) in the Data Exploration Lab