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  1. XSEDE and Blue Waters go supernova

    XSEDE and Blue Waters go supernova

    A Caltech research team performs fully 3D model simulations of supernova explosions. Read more

    released on 07.02.14

  2. Cyber cowboys

    Cyber cowboys

    For NCSA’s cybersecurity team, keeping systems safe and fending off attacks is an ongoing job. Read more

    released on 04.17.14

  3. Fostering creativity

    Fostering creativity

    The emerging Digital Research and Education in Arts Media Institute celebrates its fifth anniversary. Director Donna Cox reflects on the institute's successes. Read more

    released on 04.17.14

  4. NSF supports project to integrate long-tail data and models

    NCSA is part of a team led by Civil and Environmental Engineering professor Praveen Kumar. Read more

    released on 08.29.14

  5. Levy offers insights about visualization in Kavli roundtable

    Stuart Levy of NCSA's Advanced Visualization Laboratory discussed the value of dazzling visualizations of scientific phenomena. Read more

    released on 08.20.14

  6. 13 new projects will promote cyberGIS education

    Researchers across the United States have been named CyberGIS Fellows and will develop education materials and curricula. Read more

    released on 08.18.14

  7. Dark Energy Survey enters second year

    DES begins releasing breathtaking images from first year. Read more

    released on 08.18.14

  8. Time pressure increases patent chances for inventions ‘on the margin’

    With help from NCSA, Northwestern professor Michael D. Frakes and Illinois professor Melissa Wasserman analyzed 1.4 million patent applications from 2002 to 2012. Read more

    released on 08.14.14

  9. Private Sector Program benchmarks Sandy Bridge vs. Ivy Bridge processors

    NCSA found that Ivy Bridge processors provided better performance for all the HPC applications tested. The actual improvement depends on the application and its characteristics. Read more

    released on 08.13.14

  10. Dark Sky Simulations released via new coLaboratory tool

    Some of the highest-resolution snapshots yet of our cosmos are the first trillion-particle simulations to be made publicly available to everyone. Read more

    released on 08.11.14

  11. Turk works with Google Research, IPython/Jupyter team on tool to make data collaboration easier

    coLaboratory merges successful open source products with Google technologies, enabling multiple people to collaborate directly through simultaneous access and analysis of data. Read more

    released on 08.11.14

  12. Large Synoptic Survey Telescope gets green light for construction

    NCSA leads the development of the data processing infrastructure for LSST. Read more

    released on 08.04.14

  13. Illinois applications to use Blue Waters are due by Sept. 15

    Researchers at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign are invited to apply by Sept. 15 for allocations of time on the powerful Blue Waters supercomputer. Read more

    released on 08.04.14

  14. Students invited to learn about NCSA internships on Aug. 28

    All Illinois undergrads are invited to learn more about paid internships at NCSA from 3 to 5 pm on Aug. 28. Read more

    released on 07.30.14

  15. Illinois, INRIA issue report on resiliency challenge

    HPC experts Franck Cappello, Al Geist, William Gropp, Sanjay Kale, Bill Kramer, and Marc Snir recently revisited their 2009 report on the resiliency challenges involved in reaching exascale computing. Read more

    released on 07.25.14