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Building toward Blue Waters

NCSA has several systems that are being used as stepping stones for the sustained petaflop system that will come online in 2011. The Blue Waters project faces an interesting challenge: The IBM POWER7 hardware on which that sustained-petaflop supercomputer will be based doesn’t exist yet. Because there is much application development work and other research … Continued

Reimaging performance

They curl down and then up, lunging, swaying, swinging arms and legs. Others stand and watch, some drawn into what is happening before them. Then the onlookers move on, only to encounter more curling, lunging, swaying bodies around the next corner. It’s not an altercation on a busy downtown street. It’s what happens when visionary … Continued

Something in the water

Researchers at the University of Puerto Rico use NCSA resources to engineer methods of removing drugs from drinking water supplies—and to educate the next generation of engineers. For many of us the findings of a March 2008 Associated Press investigation were startling. The article included a litany of pharmaceuticals that were in American’s drinking water, … Continued

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