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Edee Wiziecki honored for outstanding contributions to education in Illinois

Edee Wiziecki—leader of NCSA’s education programs, including the Institute for Chemistry Literacy through Computational Science—is one of two winners of the 2011 Dare to Be Great Award given by Illinois Women in Educational Leadership. The award honors outstanding contributions to the field of education in Illinois and recognizes outstanding performance in positively influencing other leaders, … Continued

Searching for a pollution solution

by Trish Barker Coal-burning power plants spew toxic mercury into the atmosphere, but a researcher at the University of Arizona aims to better understand mercury reactions in order to develop effective emission controls. The modern age is marked by a nearly insatiable hunger for electricity, and more than half of that power is generated by … Continued

NCSA’s Abe supercomputer to retire April 15

After nearly four years of service to researchers at the University of Illinois and across the country, the Abe supercomputer at the National Center for Supercomputing Applications is scheduled to retire on April 15. The center plans to replace Abe and a hybrid CPU/GPU cluster called Lincoln with a new cluster combining hardware from Dell … Continued

Visualizations show Hurricane Katrina gaining power

Work by NCSA’s Advanced Visualization Laboratory on view at dome festivals Data-driven visualizations of 2005’s devastating Hurricane Katrina that were created by the Advanced Visualization Laboratory at NCSA are currently being shown at dome festivals in the United Kingdom, Cyprus and Portugal. A hurricane research team at the Earth System Laboratory, led by Wei Wang, … Continued

NCSA kicks off 25th anniversary year with March 2 celebration

Nearly 200 people attended NCSA’s 25th anniversary kickoff celebration March 2 at the NCSA Building. Campus dignitaries, faculty, and staff joined NCSA employees in reflecting on the center’s past while envisioning NCSA’s next 25 years. The center’s founding director, Larry Smarr, who now leads the California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology (Calit2), addressed the … Continued

NCSA part of effort to help manufacturers tap power of supercomputers

By Barbara Jewett Potato chips that stay on conveyor belts instead of flying around the manufacturing plant. Energy efficient diesel engines. Safer pesticides. Environmentally friendly product packaging. New cell phone technologies. Better airplane wings. Improved pharmaceuticals. These are just a few of the areas in which the use of supercomputers for modeling, simulation, and analysis … Continued

NCSA, Mayo explore techniques to visualize genetic information for clinicians

Biomedical researchers are generating a tremendous amount of genomic data about cancer, which has the potential to improve clinicians’ ability to diagnose, treat and prevent the disease. But in order for this complex, heterogeneous data to be useful in a clinical setting, it must be clear and easy to understand, with the relevant information drawn … Continued

From Alliant to Forge

by Allison Copenbarger and Barbara Jewett NCSA supercomputers support years of steel research For many people, a first summer job may be a memory best forgotten. But Brian Thomas’ first job at a steel company proved to be both memorable and life altering. When Thomas was a 20-year-old undergraduate student majoring in engineering, he worked … Continued

NCSA honors staff recognition award winners

Congratulations to the NCSA staffers who were honored on Feb. 24 for their outstanding contributions to the center. Three Civil Service employees were recognized for their combined 65 years of outstanding effort on NCSA’s behalf: Amber Moore, 15 years Vicki Halberstadt, 20 years Beth McKown, 30 years Several awards were given to individuals and teams … Continued

Faculty, undergraduate students sought for Undergraduate Petascale Internship Program

The Blue Waters Undergraduate Petascale Education Program is seeking both faculty and undergraduate students to participate in a year-long internship/mentoring program. The program will provide students with computational thinking skills and the knowledge they need to advance scientific computing throughout their careers. Selected students will be paired with a team that is conducting petascale computing … Continued

TeraGrid, Blue Waters sponsor Symposium on Data-Intensive Analysis, Analytics, and Informatics

Discovery in a wide range of fields increasingly depends on the ability to apply quantitative techniques to vast collections of data ranging from terabytes to petabytes and beyond. The Symposium on Data-Intensive Analysis, Analytics, and Informatics, sponsored by TeraGrid and the Blue Waters project and hosted by the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center, will bring together leaders … Continued

Free online tutorial on performance tools now available

A free online tutorial, Introduction to Performance Tools, has been released in CI-Tutor. This tutorial provides an introduction to a number of commonly-used performance tools on the TeraGrid’s high-performance computing resources. The highlighted tools include two Linux utilities: strace, which traces system calls and signals during program execution; and gprof, which can be used to … Continued

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