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NCSA Fellows

Fellows have direct access to NCSA research scientists, staff, and services. Where possible, NCSA will provide access to compute, data, and other cyberinfrastructure, including software licenses, needed for fellowship projects that can build on existing NCSA activities and major projects and programs are strongly encouraged. Potential applicants are encouraged to contact the relevant people listed below to discuss project ideas.

Fellows are provided a 0% appointment and are responsible for contributing to the NCSA research core, contribute to and take part in interdisciplinary collaborative funding efforts, and act as liaisons with their home departments. 

NCSA major projects and programs include:

Illinois faculty and researchers interested in this opportunity are encouraged to submit proposals. To find out more about this program in general or NCSA, applicants are encouraged to contact Senior Research Coordinator Olena Kindratenko at

Recent program updates and FAQs can be found on the NCSA wiki.


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NCSA Welcomes 2020-21 Faculty Fellows

The NCSA Faculty Fellowship is a competitive program for faculty and researchers at the University of Illinois which provides seed funding for new collaborations that include NCSA staff as integral contributors to the project.
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