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2021–22 SPIN Intern Poster Presentations

Producing Training Data for Supervised Learning on Satellite Data

Author: Melissa Chen
Mentor: Maxwell Jong
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Resolving Racial Health Disparities Using Advanced Statistics & Machine Learning

Author: Haihley Connors
Mentor: Zeynap Madak-Erdogan and Ashlie M. Santaliz Casiano
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Bioinformatics Workflow Development for HPC and the Cloud

Author: Ayush Vikram
Mentor: Christina Fliege and Mohith Manjunath
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Assessing the Impact of Scientific Documentaries on Audiences

Authors: Alistair Nunn and Anushka Gami
Mentor: Jill Naiman and Shadi Rezapour
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The NEAT Project v3.0, The NExt-generation sequencing Analysis Toolkit

Author: Varenya Jain
Mentor: Joshua Allen and Christina Fliege
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Multiscale-Modeling of Sterols in Membrane Environment

Author: Andrew Lee
Mentor: Taras Pogorelov
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Teaching Experiences Around Cutting-Edge Visualization of Materials Science Data

Author: Lyuxing He
Mentor: Andre Schleife
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Developing AI-Based Platform for Object Detection and Action Recognition

Author: Muhil Arumugam
Mentor: Volodymyr Kindratenko
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An Exploratory Analysis for Identifying Metabolomic Biomarkers Corresponding to Different Food Interventions

Authors: Vineet Chinthakindi, Guarav Mantri and Dev Patel
Mentor: Hannah Holscher
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Improving Generalization of Violent Action Detection with Video Vision Transformers

Author: William Eustis
: Volodymyr Kindratenko
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Analyzing and Visualizing Linguistic Variation in Monolingual and Bilingual Speakers

Author: Jared Canty
: Silvina Montrul and David Dubin
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Improving Champaign County 211 Service Provision

Author: Daniel Moon
: Anita Chan and Jorge Rojas
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Application of an Agent-based Model Simulation Platform to Evaluate COVID-19 Control Measures

Author: Angelo Santos
Mentor: Weihao Ge
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Implementing Sparse CNNs with FPGAs

Author: Josph Rejive
Mentor: Volodymyr Kindratenko
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DISSCO: A Digital Instrument for Sound Synthesis and Composition

Author: Tejas Kurdukar
Mentor: Sever Tipei
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A FAIR AI Workflow for Accelerated High Energy Diffraction Microscopy

Author: Nikil Ravi
Mentor: Eliu Huerta
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Deblending and Classifying Astronomical Sources with Mask R-CNN Deep Learning

Author: Yufeng Liu
Mentor: Xin Liu
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The Reading Time Machine: Transforming Astrophysical Literature into Actionable Data

Author: Toby Tao
Mentor: Jill Naiman
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Visual Analytics Group 3D Biological Network Visualization

Author: Quentin Herzig
Mentor: Charles Blatti, Kalina Borkiewicz
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