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Adaptive Computing forms software development partnership with NCSA

Adaptive Computing, manager of some of the world’s largest supercomputing systems and an expert in high-performance computing (HPC) workload management, is the latest company to join NCSA’s Private Sector Program, which puts the center’s expertise to work on some of the toughest challenges faced by industry.

“Adaptive Computing is taking advantage of a new partnership category for software developers,” says Merle Giles, leader of NCSA’s Private Sector Program. “We think these partnerships will help develop an important three-way dialogue among software developers, industrial end users, and large HPC providers like NCSA.”

Providing Adaptive Computing’s Moab intelligence engine on NCSA’s iForge HPC system creates a premier computing environment for the center’s industrial power users. This partnership will also allow Adaptive Computing to advance its HPC workload management products and services to better serve the industrial market.

“NCSA’s Private Sector Partner Program will allow users access to Adaptive Computing’s patented and battle-tested intelligence engine within a real world environment to bench test code that may not have otherwise been so easily accessible,” says Dave Jackson, CTO of Adaptive Computing.

For more information on NCSA’s industry partnership program, go to, or contact Merle Giles: or 217-244-4629.

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