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Behind the scenes of NCSA: Authorities

Just as an instrument that’s out of tune assaults our eardrums, research tools that are out of whack create much unpleasantness for a researcher. But the talented experts of NCSA’s Advanced Application Support (AAS) group assist researchers in achieving the proper output.

Under the leadership of Jay Alameda, team members Darren Adams, Galen Arnold, Dora Cai, Ye Fan, Michelle Gower, Seid Koric, Rui Liu, Sudhakar Pamidighantam, and Ahmed Taha are the “go-to” authorities when special expertise is required. They apply their programming skills, database architecture expertise, and domain knowledge (in computational chemistry, structural engineering, and computational fluid dynamics, among other fields) to advance research in science, engineering, and humanities disciplines.

The team makes sure codes for the researchers they support are properly tested and installed on XSEDE compute resources, designs databases, supports special projects like the Dark Energy Survey, and offers domain-specific consulting support as needed.

These experts offer their special talent through the XSEDE Extended Collaborative Support Services as well as NCSA. Some also work with industrial clients through NCSA’s Private Sector Program.

The group also supports PerfSuite and other performance tools and supports the use of these performance tools through XSEDE collaborative projects. In addition, they are working to expand the use of advanced development environments (such as the Eclipse Parallel Tools Platform) through a project funded by the National Science Foundation.

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