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Blue Waters Symposium to feature new methods, results

NCSA will host a free symposium May 21-22 at which representatives from science teams using the Blue Waters supercomputer will share methods and results in areas including GPUs, improving scalability, and new algorithms.

The Blue Waters Symposium focuses on the work of research groups from a wide range of fields—including weather and climate, chemistry, earthquake dynamics, plasma physics and subatomic physics—who are involved in the NCSA/Illinois Enhanced Intellectual Services for Petascale Performance (NEIS-P2) program.

These teams will report on the advances they have made in their respective fields with the goal that the knowledge can be transferred to other areas. These advances allow the teams to better use the large-scale, heterogeneous computing capability that the Blue Waters system provides.

The symposium is open to all and there is no fee to attend, but registration is required.

For more information and a complete agenda, visit

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