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Computational Science and Engineering program to move into NCSA Building

The University of Illinois’ Computational Science and Engineering program, which fosters and coordinates interdisciplinary, computationally oriented research and education, is moving into the NCSA Building this July. This move will facilitate greater collaboration between CSE and NCSA, particularly in the areas of research and training.

“Our Computational Science and Engineering program and NCSA share so much in common—expertise in large-scale simulation and analytics and a fundamentally interdisciplinary approach,” said Andreas Cangellaris, dean of the College of Engineering. “Now, shared perspectives and skills can flourish in a shared space. NCSA has been a tremendous asset to this campus and a great partner to the College of Engineering for more than a quarter of a century. We’re very pleased to have that partnership expand.”

“We are very excited to welcome one of the oldest and most distinguished CSE programs in the nation to join us at NCSA,” said NCSA director Edward Seidel. “Working together with CSE’s outstanding faculty, staff, and students will greatly enhance our capacity to address the three major goals of NCSA’s strategic plan: (a) creating transdisciplinary research and education themes around complex grand challenge problems, (b) building and using the world’s most advanced integrated data and computing environment, and (c) enhancing economic impact in Illinois and the nation.”

“This is a transformative time for NCSA” said NCSA associate director for Computational Research and Education Gabrielle Allen. “In the last year we have established thematic research areas in Computing and Data Sciences, Bioinformatics and Health Sciences, Materials and Manufacturing, Culture and Society, Earth and Environment and Physics and Astronomy involving faculty, postdocs and students working with NCSA staff. All of these areas will benefit greatly from the co-location of the CSE program here in the building.”

“The partnership between CSE and NCSA will bring together NCSA strengths in high-performance computing, data, and cyberinfrastructure together with CSE’s strengths in interdisciplinary education, research, and training,” said CSE director Narayan Aluru, who is also the leader of NCSA’s Materials and Manufacturing thematic focus area. “In addition to opening up exciting new opportunities for collaboration in research, education, training and outreach, this partnership will establish CSE at Illinois as one of the preeminent programs in the world.”

CSE’s administrative staff will be located in suite 2102 of the NCSA Building. Those moving to the building are:

  • Narayan Aluru, director
  • Elizabeth Stull, office administrator
  • Mohamed Mohamed, education coordinator
  • Farzaneh Masoud, research coordinator
  • Neal Davis, training coordinator
  • Mark Brandyberry, CSE staff
  • Michael Pierson, CSE staff
  • Lance Larkin, CSE staff

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