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Days to minutes: NCSA and ExxonMobil’s high performance partnership

NCSA partnered with ExxonMobil to help their team of geoscientists and engineers leverage advanced technology to model the complex processes that govern the flow of oil, water and gas in various reservoirs, increasing the likelihood of safely striking a commercially-viable well. This partnership has led to a major breakthrough in proprietary software using more than four times the previous number of processors used on complex oil and gas reservoir simulation models to improve exploration and production results. This record run resulted in data output thousands of times faster than typical oil and gas industry reservoir simulation. Read more about this record-shattering breakthrough.

With more than 25 years of proven leadership in serving a wide variety of communities, NCSA Industry has built a reputation for accelerating real science and engineering, deploying innovative machine architectures at extreme scale, workforce development, and advancing the fields of data-intensive computing, cybersecurity, and visualization. To learn more about NCSA Industry and how to partner with us, please email Director of NCSA Industry, Brendan McGinty at

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