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Industry Program study labeled ‘key scientific article’ by engineering publication

Advances in Engineering—which disseminates the most important developments in engineering fields for their highly technical/academic audience—has recently labeled a paper that came from the National Center for Supercomputing Application’s (NCSA) Industry Program as a “key scientific article contributing to science and engineering research excellence.”

Program Manager and University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Research Professor Seid Koric worked with Anshul Gupta from the IBM T.J. Watson Research Center on the paper. For the first time ever they have demonstrated that sparse matrix factorization can be efficiently performed on a petascale machine, in the case NCSA’s Blue Waters system. The algorithm is important in multiphysics modeling and many other applications in science and engineering. Advances in Engineering summarized its impact in the following paragraph:

“It is believed that the unprecedented level of parallel scalability and robustness of the direct solver in implicit finite element method, demonstrated for the first time by Drs. Koric and Gupta on the sustained petascale system of Blue Waters, will lead to a massive leap in terms of advances in high-fidelity modeling and design in science and engineering.”

Read more about the research in an NCSA press release from last year.

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