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John Melchi named NCSA deputy executive director

Long-time NCSA staffer John Melchi is taking on new center-wide leadership responsibilities as Deputy Executive Director.

This new leadership position combines his existing center-wide operational management duties (human resources, finance and budget, information technology services, facility management, and public affairs) with new center-wide responsibilities, including strategic planning, management system development, organization planning, and financial planning. Melchi will lead these efforts in collaboration with the NCSA Director’s Office, reporting to Executive Director Danny Powell.

“NCSA has a unique opportunity to grow into new and emerging areas and to solidify our role with multiple communities. These efforts require significant planning, strong management, and clear implementation. John’s new responsibilities will put him in a key role in making this happen. Based on John’s history of accomplishment with NCSA over many years, and his skills in working with people and managing for results, he is the right person to be helping NCSA move into this next stage,” said Powell.

“Over the past several years John has successfully undertaken a number of major projects for NCSA, including oversight of the construction of the National Petascale Computing Facility and the formation of our Advanced Digital Services organization. With this promotion we are recognizing John’s unique and critical role in the future of NCSA,” said NCSA Director Thom Dunning.

Melchi joined NCSA as a student employee in 1990; he became coordinator for external relations in 1997 and then became the senior associate director for the Administration Directorate in 2003.

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