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LCI seeks hosts

The Linux Clusters Institute (LCI) is currently seeking applications from institutions interested in hosting the 2018 LCI Introductory Workshop. This workshop provides education and technical training for the deployment and use of computing clusters to the high-performance computing community worldwide.

The deadline to submit your host site letter of interest form is October 1, 2017.

In late May or early June 2018, we plan to offer an LCI Introductory Workshop. See the 2017 Introductory Workshop program for details on the content typically covered at the LCI Introductory Workshop.

If your institution might be interested in hosting an Introductory LCI workshop, please have the appropriate people fill out the host site letter of interest form by October 1, 2017 at:

NOTE: This will be a two-stage process. If your letter of interest form is accepted, we will soon follow-up and ask you to fill out a more detailed host site proposal form.

The workshops will run Monday-Friday. The candidate weeks are in the host site letter of interest form.

Host sites are responsible for:

  • arranging workshop spaces, meal spaces, lodging etc;
  • identifying catering options and costs;
  • co-leading the planning of the event (as part of the workshop organizing committee);
  • helping us to publicize the workshop;
  • helping to identify instructors (while not required, it is preferred that the host site is able to provide instructors from their local area to help save on travel costs);
  • coordinating with instructors and other workshop personnel (some of whom may be from other institutions);
  • conducting the workshop onsite;
  • providing lightweight reporting about the workshop back to the LCI.

The host institution will be reimbursed by LCI for any costs incurred (catering, room rental fees, supplies, etc.).

Please note that hosting an LCI workshop requires a significant amount of time and effort, so it would help if someone at your has experience coordinating events like these. Hosting an LCI Workshop is a rewarding experience and allows HPC system administrators in your local area the opportunity to participate in a high-quality training experience without incurring travel costs.

Note that we plan to also offer an Intermediate or Advanced LCI workshop in August 2018. More details about applying to host that workshop will be forthcoming as plans develop.

If you have questions, contact Leslie Froeschl at We look forward to receiving your application!

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