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Milwaukee Institute joins NCSA Private Sector Program

The Milwaukee Institute announced on Feb. 5, 2015 its partnership with the Private Sector Program of the National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA). This strategic partnership offers a variety of computational resources to the Milwaukee Institute to better serve scientific and engineering projects for clients performing large-scale modeling, simulation, visualization and analytics projects.

Jay Bayne, the Institute’s executive director, stated that the partnership with NCSA was a natural step forward for the Institute given successful projects with Wisconsin- based companies providing products and services to the healthcare, manufacturing, aerospace, transportation and financial services sectors,. Examples include Rockwell, SmartUQ, Dedicated Computing, Oilgear and Briggs & Stratton.

“The Institute’s partnership with NCSA also supports our commitments to regional industry clusters, including the Water Council, MWeRC, UWM Innovation Accelerator, and BIOforward. With NCSA as a strategic partner, we can now better address other growing areas such as advanced manufacturing and intelligent automation” said Bayne.

With this partnership, the Institute’s high performance computing resources will connect and interact with NCSA’s resources to support Smart Manufacturing programs and their need for “big data” analytics, computational fluid dynamics, information integration and manufacturing enterprise optimization.

The Milwaukee Institute, the region’s only non-profit computational science and technology center, is engaged in solving many challenging science and engineering problems. It is also committed to helping develop a local workforce able to effectively apply modern technical computing to problems faced by small to medium sized manufacturing businesses.

NCSA is one of the nation’s premiere supercomputer and collaboration centers. It operates the iForge and Blue Waters HPC systems and has a rich history in providing resources and expertise to Fortune 100 companies, including conducting innovative research in dynamic modeling, genomics, agriculture, oil and gas, and water systems. Together the Institute and NCSA are participating in economic development initiatives supported by the National Council on Competitiveness.

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