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NCSA has been nominated for HPCwire Readers’ Choice Awards 2017!

The HPCwire Readers’ Choice Awards nominations are out, and NCSA is excited to announce that this year we have received six different nominations. We would be honored to have your vote. Please vote today!

Best Use of HPC in Physical Sciences (2 nominations)

Using Blue Waters, the Science and Engineering Application Support (SEAS) team at the University of Illinois produced the first accurate high-resolution (15,000 times the resolution of previous maps) digital elevation data/maps for the entire Arctic, using open source, automated photogrammetry software to process sub-meter imagery on petascale computing enabled by open source parallel scripting software.

An NCSA-led team built and deployed the first computational framework that connects Blue Waters supercomputer to the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO) Data Grid via Open Science Grid technology, and leverages Shifter to containerize LIGO’s workflow software; the framework demonstrated its functionality on a re-analysis of the first detection of gravitational waves.

Best Use of High Performance Data Analytics (1 nomination)

Researchers Wendy K. Tam Cho and Yan Liu are restoring fairness to electoral district boundaries with the help of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, NCSA, and the Blue Waters Cray XE/XK supercomputer.

Top HPC-Enabled Scientific Achievement (1 nomination)

NCSA PEAR enables an HPC solution to the gerrymandering problem via a statistical analysis made possible by a massive discrete optimization computational model for synthesizing and analyzing redistricting data.

Top Supercomputing Achievement (1 nomination)

“Direct Solver for Multiphysics Modeling on Petascale HPC Architecture” — Dr. Seid Koric from NCSA and Dr. Anshul Gupta from IBM T.J. Watson Research Center demonstrated for the first time that multifrontal sparse factorization algorithm with hybrid parallelization, such as one in the Watson Sparse Matrix Package (WSMP), can scale efficiently in today’s large-scale supercomputers.

HPC Leadership Award (1 nomination)

NCSA Director Bill Gropp

Voting ends soon so make sure to cast your vote today!

Please note: Votes for your own organization are disqualified, but you are encouraged to invite your peers to vote for you.

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