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NCSA networking intern gets head start on computer science degree

by Nicole Schiffer

Brandon Carrel, who worked with NCSA’s Network Engineering group this past spring as a high school student, plans to start a computer science degree this fall at the University of Illinois and will continue working with NCSA as an undergraduate intern.

“It was a perfect environment for me and it introduced me to the real world applications of what I’ve always been interested in, computers and more specifically programming,” Carrel says.

Carrel worked on creating a more convenient interface for the router used to block malicious hosts. He said that he looks forward to continuing his work at NCSA as an undergrad student employee.

“I learned a lot and found that I’m also interested in networking,” Carrel says. “It has been a wonderful experience for me and I look forward to learning as much as possible and just gaining knowledge and experience that will benefit me in the future.”

Paul Wefel, an NCSA network engineer, says Carrel’s next assignment is to prepare NCSA’s domain name system (DNS) database for migration to a new system. “Brandon will help us make progress on all the backlogged work we have queued up,” Wefel says.

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